Share Followers 0. This thread is archived. If you can afford it, get the RC-50. Boss RC-300. RC3 has one loop track, RC-30 has 2 simultaneous loop tracks, RC-300 has three. Depth: 231mm . Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. (Easily solved with a little true bypass looper like the ones … level 1. Sort by. Pitch Bend Down, Step Phaser, Sweep Filter, Tempo-Synced Delay, or Lo-Fi effects are applied to your loop playback. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. … Do they have essentially the same features? save hide report. best. The Boss loopers absolutely destroy the Ditto in terms of practical features, but the Ditto is true bypass and 'analog dry through', so it never digitizes your signal, it just adds the digital repeats to the clean tone through an analog mixer. 4 comments. The Boss RC-3 starts to look a bit more like the RC-30, minus the effects and mic in. If you ever decide to upgrade to a RC-50, you will probably keep both of them because having more looping … I … Hall of Fame; Members; 0 6,068 posts ; Members; Share; Posted June 12, 2012. It's always better to bey the best! Width: 536mm Height: 76.3mm. Loopers who want to record and control 2 loops at once. If all that isn’t overwhelming enough , you can always jump up to the supreme looping platform: the RC-300 . Width: 173mm Height: 57mm. The RC-30 is built for: All of the RC-3 above plus… Vocalists, beat-boxers, or acoustic instrument players using a microphone. Boss have thought about all types of guitarists with the option of batteries or an AC power supply. Anyone with experience mind sharing their thoughts? Yes please! The DOUBLE DOUBLE: BOSS RC-30 Twin Pedal multitrack looper with two synchronized stereo tracks and built-in loop effects? Because sometimes, one looping pedal just isn’t enough. That's the main difference to me. Build Quality. Does anyone know what the main difference is between the two pedals? With the RC-30, you are in effect getting two RC-3s for only $100 more. Boss RC-30. Boss RC20XL or RC30? It has better resale value. In this article, we'll dive deep into the RC-30, and then briefly cover the RC-3, which contains the RC-30's essential features in a smaller and even more affordable package. The RC-30 contains a BOSS effects section with 5 effects available. You can do this using either the top panel button, double-tapping one of the twin pedals, or via an external footswitch. … As is common with Boss pedals, the build quality is very sturdy and we have no issues. I am thinking of buying a boss rc-3 but was wondering if it is worth the extra m?ney to get the rc-30 instead. By The Villano Dude, June 12, 2012 in Effects and Processors. It's only $100 more than the RC-30 and it's equal to more than 3 of the RC-3s. Changing batteries is also much easier than compared to the smaller RC-3 and … RC-30 is most suitable for: … The RC-30 and RC-3, the latest Loop Stations, are the most powerful BOSS has yet developed, packed with high-octane digital signal processing, stereo operation, and new cutting-edge features not found in any other loopers. IF money is a huge deal, then still get the RC-30. share. 67% Upvoted. Boss RC20XL or RC30? They all hold 99 slots, but there is a significant delay to load from a slot, not to switch to one of the simultaneous tracks. I'm guessing if the Boss ones are in your chain then they're always translating your signal into a digital version of itself? The Villano Dude. Members; The Villano Dude 0 Posted June 12, 2012. Boss rc-3 vs. Boss rc-30. Depth: 158mm. This is to enhance your performance without the need for outboard gear. Loopers needing basic loop FX.