Alimama has just upped the NYC pastry game. This ingenious combination is everything you love about milk tea and cream puffs in one heavenly treat: gooey tapioca pearls suspended in a luscious filling and housed in a crunchy choux. Unless it is Alison Roman's the cookies or the stew 1.0, I rarely participate in viral Filled with a Milk Tea Cream (made from Orange Pekoe Tea) with Brown Sugar Pearls these cream puffs are perfect for the Bubble Tea Fanatic in your life! Instagram / Most noteable are their epic creation of Boba Milk Tea Cream Puffs! PER DOZEN Our Bubble Tea Cream Puffs are our take on classic Hong Kong Milk Tea. Any tea can be used to make this drink, and it can be served iced or warm. Also known as bubble tea, pearl milk tea, or tapioca tea, boba milk tea refers to this Taiwanese beverage consisting of brewed tea, milk or non-dairy creamer, sweetener, and chewy tapioca balls. If picking up prior to an event, immediately store cream pu