The 4 Note Blues Learn the blues scale and you're half way to playing the blues. In this lesson we'll introduce some neat blues ideas to get you started. The harmony of Blues music is not usually sophisticated. Details. Piano Learning Track: Blues Piano - Track 1. The chords used are basically major triads and dominant seventh chords and although minor, extended, and altered chords are used by modern players, the chords associated with Blues piano are major triads and dominant seventh chords. Delicado Barrelhouse Blues (Mattew Ball) Blues For Otis Spann (A. Campbell) Medium […] Blues Piano Chords. As well as music from legendary blues artists like Otis Spann, Pinetop Perkins and James Booker, I’ll be sharing with you some of the best blues piano around today. With this structured Blues Learning Track, you'll be guided step-by-step to your goal of becoming a confident blues pianist. Chord #1 — “The Major Triad” So let's get going! Listen to famous recordings of blues music and blues styles, like rock and jazz music. After learning the Some ability to read music, at least in the treble clef. Classical Jazz, Rags and Blues, Book 3 Piano solo [Sheet music] Alfred Publishing (2) $6.95 - See more - Buy online Pre-shipment lead time: 4 … The “Major Blues Scale” is some less common than the “Minor Blues Scale”, and therefore we start with the minor and you will find the major by scrolling down. Blues Piano Sheet Music Transcriptions Archive Download your favorite blues piano solos transcribedinto sheet music by professionals Contact us to download the sheet music in this format PDF avaliable MIDI avaliabe See our catalog …and click to see the video tutorial on Youtube! Fast Forward 12-Bar Blues Piano Piano solo Music Sales (1) $15.95 - See more - Buy online Pre-shipment lead time: 24 hours - In Stock. My aim is to “Keep The Blues Alive” and to make more people aware of the great rising stars in Blues and Boogie Woogie like Chase Garrett, Luca Sestak and Dan Popek. The Blues Scales Explained. Assumed knowledge: A basic idea of where the notes names are on the piano. The blues originates from a mix of different sources in music, so there is no satisfying explanation in theoretical terms about this scale. This will help you to internalize blues music and rhythms. Buy a blues licks book to learn about blues sounds while playing the piano. Similar items. Listen to Ray Charles, Dave Brubeck, and Roosevelt Sykes. About 'Cool Blues' Artist: Bruce, David (sheet music)The Artist: David Bruce has a growing reputation as a composer, with commissions from Carnegie Hall, the San … Details . I am always getting asked by piano players, guitarists and solo instrumentalists to show them the blues scale.They think that learning the “blues scale” will help them to write and perform blues style music – and they are correct!