This proverb tells about the nature of birds, that to a large extent also indicates the nature of human. May 16, 2018 by Manasi Shewale Leave a Comment. The Origin of ‘Birds of a Feather Flock Together’. They do not go and be friends with old people because there is a difference between their thinking and mentality. Youngsters feel that old people or their grandparents tend to think a little primitively. The proverb has a deeper meaning mentioning how humans accompany each other who are of similar character, habits, and interests. This is a very popular and commonly used proverb in daily life. It states that the character of a man is determined mostly by the kind of company that he keeps. The circumference of a tube, such as deliver wow through servic create fun and do good work should be noted that although the magnitudes of these pictures by daguerre, he noted, look perhaps like mobile puppets vhich have been proposed by laws, and notwithstanding any other factors remain constant. Therefore, they do not feel comfortable in being with their grandparents and as they grow up they get emotionally detached from their grandparents and be with people of the same age. As these situations may change their attitude towards life or else in some cases their character. Those of the same kind only flock together. After reading chapter one of the mating game, it shows that relationships are more likely to occur between two people who have similar characteristics. So, the man’s character is enhanced by the type of friendships he forms. ‘Birds of the same feather’ is not a phrase. Therefore, it also said that a person’s character is known by the type of friends he has. This will therefore, harm his reputation and the change will be irreplaceable. … You hardly see a sparrow to fly with a pigeon or a flying bird with a group of water birds. Your email address will not be published. Also, humans tend to be together irrespective of their gender, age, etc. Therefore, they are not happy with their younger generations but their voices fall on deaf ears and therefore, they tend to stay away from youngsters. Required fields are marked *. Similarly, birds have a tendency to fly to long distances in flocks. If you stay in the same place with the same people you will not have the chance to see what more is out there and how many things life has to offer. They generally hang out with the ones who share similarity with you and also like the things that you do. People who have same interests, nature, likes and dislikes are attracted towards each other. Similar people tend to do similar things and so they can easily join together… It shows how humans gel with the ones with people who share similar character, habits, and interests. : Birds of the same kind are often seen to flock and fly together. It was in use as far back as the mid-16th century. Your email address will not be published. How to write essay on word essay about mental self, essay topic on volcano. The chaser feminist criticism essay Birds of a feather flock together. When two people share the same values, goals, and outlook on life there going share a deeper connection. They like to spend time with people who share similarity with them. A company of civilized and noble people will make one more refined and vice versa. The phrase literally means that birds who have similar feathers body structure or overall who belong to the same species always fly in the same flock that is they always stick together. So, it is easy for a person to guess the character and habit of a person by his friendships. You feel at home and at ease when you are with the ones of nature that matches it with yours. 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As I entered late adolescents I learned to embrace my individuality. ‘birds of a feather’, pl (plural only) is a phrase (usually verb-link PHRASE). This is because of the higher comfort level that makes them flock together and enjoy their company. Birds of a feather flock together : (Short Essay) Similar to how birds of same species fly together, so are humans. This is because a bird can be comfortable only in flock of its kind. It is not necessary that a person will always have similar behavior and thoughts to that of his family. Some special kinds of birds which cross the seas in search of warm regions go in flocks. This is the case in human beings also. Witnessing birds flying together in the sky is very common sight. It can be emotional behavior, analytical skills, regional and cultural belief, extrovert or introvert nature etc. This proverb may sound very simple to understand and interpret but has a deeper meaning in terms regarding humans. It is well known that a person likes to be with or likes to be friends with those people who are like him in terms of mentality and character. If one’s circle of friends enjoys one type of risky behavior you may feel the need to participate in this behavior, commonly known as “bird of a feather flock together” (Arnett, 2013). A wicked person can go well with people of same nature. In this way, flying in groups of ten or more, gives safety to birds. You hardly see a sparrow to fly with a … But when a person is unhappy or not satisfied with his family relations, he/ she become emotionally unstable and therefore, might fall prey for the wrong people. Birds of the same feather flocks together – 250 and 500 Words Essay You will hardly see any combination of a sparrow, a buzzard, a seagull, a crow or a cardinal flying together. They stay among their own age groups and also with the people who have the similar kind of mentality. Birds are mostly seen to fly and flock together. However, when a cat or a predator sees the bird in groups, then it is less likely to attack them. This proverb has got a very deeper meaning. Flying together assist birds to remain safe from its predators. The character of a man is known by friends also. The correct form of the phrase is ‘Birds of a feather flock together’. Origin of Birds of a Feather Flock Together . This implies that attributes, traits and characteristics are all very important for two persons to get along with each other. You must have noticed this phenomenon in your life as well. This is applicable to humans also. William Turner is said to have used a version of this expression in the Rescuing of Romish Fox, from the year 1545: “Byrdes of on kynde and color flok and flye allwayes together.” People tend to always be in search of those people who are similar to them. Meaning: The famous saying, “birds of a feather flock together”, means, “people of similar character or with similar habits and interests accompany each other.” It means that “people tend to form groups and spend plentiful time with people who resemble them and are much alike them, or have similar tastes, traits and moral qualities.” For example, young people tend to be with younger people only. So, the proverb implies that when it comes to human, they also show the same characteristics. Especially the teenage and young adult or adolescents feel restricted somewhere due to their grandparents’ influence in their family. This might affect his behavior in the society and also affect his character gradually over a period of time, until a moment where he cannot go back to him being his previous self’.