Individual minerals of the biotite series are distinguished by their Google Scholar That gives rise to the most characteristic feature of micas: perfect basal cleavage. Machev, P., Klain, L., and Hecht, L. (2004) Mineralogy and chemistry of biotites from the Belogradchik pluton - some petrological implications for granitoid magmatism in north-west Bulgaria. Shabani, A. and Lalonde, E. (2003) Composition of biotite from granitic rocks of the Canadian Appalachian orogen: a potential tectonomagmatic indicator? The chemical composition and charge of the biotite near-surface, in contact with NaCl bearing aqueous solutions at 25 °C from pH 1 to 12, have been derived via zeta potential measurements and potentiometric titrations performed for 20 and 60 min in batch reactors. Biotite, a silicate mineral in the common mica group. Biotite (another name is iron mica) is a rather soft and elastic mineral that can be easily machined. The other one is muscovite. Biotite with other micas are sheet silicates – their structure is composed of many sheetlike layers which are connected to each-other by weak chemical bonds. Canadian Mineralogist: 41: 1381-1396. Chemical composition Biotite comprises a series of monoclinic minerals of the mica group that may be represented by the generalized formula : K(Mg, Fe2+)3-1.5 (Al, Fe3+)0-1 (A11-1.5 Si3-2.5 010) (OH, F)2 (Tröger, 1969). Ayati F, Yavuz F, Noghreyan M, Haroni HA, Yavuz R (2008) Chemical characteristics and composition of hydrothermal biotite from the Dalli porphyry copper prospect, Arak, central province of Iran. In the crust often lies near muscovites and feldspars. It is abundant in metamorphic rocks (both regional and contact), in pegmatites, and also in granites and other intrusive igneous rocks. More information about the origin, varieties and properties of the mineral biotite will tell our article. The chemical composition of biotite as an i ndicator of magmatic fractiona tion and me tasomatism in Sn- specialised granites of the Fichtelgebirge (NW Bohemian massif, Germany). Biotite is regarded as a mixture For chemical formula and detailed physical properties, see mica (table). From it, you will also learn where this stone is used and what healing properties it has. Miner Petrol 94:107. Biotite is an important silicate mineral that can be used to decipher the physicochemical attributes of magmatic or hydrothermal systems. Biotite is one of the two most common members of the mica group.