(Refer to 3 Common Types of Dynamic Compression for a better understanding on how to use each plugin). There are 200 wavetables powering Sektor’s two main oscillators, each of which has sixteen voices. Buy now from Plugin Boutique. CLA-2A – Get it now Waves L2 cuts all corners for making everything loud as possible while keeping your levels in check. Waves makes some of the highest quality, professionally sounding VST/ RTAS plugins known throughout the mixing world, and their selection of compressors lives up to just that. A good way to go about it is to go for music production plugin bundles. This plugin emulates the famous Dr. Moog lo-pass hardware piece, even emulating its hardware appearance with the retro UI. There are so many music production plugins available which can make it hard to choose the best plugins for your needs and let’s not forget that they cost also money! It might be the fact that the interface is mediocre at best, I’m not sure, but all I know is that this compressor sounds mean. For the ultimate lo-pass filter check out Mini Filter by Arturia. Plugin #2: Waves L2. And set the Quality to “Best.” Instant rich vocal. It gives them some tonal movement, texture and a sense of spread. Why Waves L2? 16 Best Plugins For Mixing And Mastering Like A Pro! Arturia Mini Filter. Waves plugins are also some of the cheapest you can get considering they're always having sales, so like everyone else has said, hardly any plugins are worth their retail price, but on sale for 30 dollars they're 101% worth it imo. A lot of Pop and R&B vocals benefit from a bit of chorusing/modulation. Waves Renaissance AXX. I feel like this definitely an under utilized plugin by many engineers. https://musicproductionnerds.com/best-waves-plugins-for-vocals My favorite choice for this process is the PSP B-Scanner, and I don’t believe this is at all what PSP 4. Bonus: PSP B-Scanner. 16 Best Plugins For Mixing And Mastering Like A Pro! Sektor – Initial Audio. Related Post: Best EQ Plugins for Vocals. By Far this is my favorite limiter to use, especially on the master channel. Get demos & price @ Waves Audio. Quicklook: Best Waves Compressors. Technically you can pretty much change any regular compressor into a limiter but a dedicated limiter saves time dialing in settings. Sektor is a recent release from Initial Audio, but it’s already been making waves among keen synth-heads.