If you’re planning to record only single vocalists at one time, the Origin would do, but if you can stretch your budget, get the Spirit. Summary: The 770X is pretty much the only switchable pattern home studio microphone at this price point worth considering. Summary: The number 1 USB mic for Vocal recording, period. Before solid state electronics, tubes (valves) were used in the pre-amplification stage of any condenser mic, in order to boost the raw signal. The microphone also has a low cut filter to shelf the lows and also a high cut filter for the opposite. Throw it against the wall and it’ll still work. It’s worth taking a look at sE Electronics’ lineup of reflexion filters in their lineup too. You’re always better off with a few microphones to select from, than having only one. Beyond vocals, it can also be used to mic. It goes without saying that the Manley is amazingly sensitive, so you’ll need a pop filter with it for any usable vocals. Because these microphones are so sensitive to sound you will also need a pop filter as it will pick up and often distort any ‘p’ or ‘sh’ noises. If your chose mic doesn’t have one, grab a generic shockmount here. Low end laptops with low quality sound cards just won’t get you the clean results you want. If you are looking to record your own songs, or a demo at home, then you want the best studio microphone for vocals within your budget so you can get the best possible sound. It’s portable so I can record on location or at home. Or Go Back To best studio microphone for vocals comparison table. Here are some interfaces to consider: For live sound, on a small stage, you may get phantom power direct from your mixer. It even has a low cut switch and a pad switch for certain recording situations, whether voice or instrument. By getting this mic with a “USB Signal Adapter” you can plug it straight into the computer with USB without the need for any extra interfaces, mixers or cables: SM58 With USB Signal Adapter: See Price & Check Out The Amazon Reviews. See this video, where Ari Staprans, also known as Lauv, records his song’s chorus using a phone. This microphone is a bang for your buck microphone and the sound quality is just unimaginable for the price. The P220 is there best offering for the price. SE Electronics sE2200a II C Large Diaphragm Mic. It’s one of the biggest factors that can take you from amateur to semi pro or beyond. You can plug it into a normal USB audio interface and record something that sounds good, no problem. And quite interestingly, there’s a magnetic pop filter built inside the Lewitt LCT 640, designed for vocal recordings. Other than the warm and smooth well-balanced sound you get with vocals, the microphone also works well for instrument recordings including guitar amps. First time recording at home properly? Great, balanced recording that captures a natural sound as well as avoiding some of the high end crispiness or sibilance that some of the cheaper mics we’ve discussed fall prey to, while also providing smooth bass tones. It includes a built in pop shield, though you may want to buy an additional shield too, depending on your vocal style. Summary: The Only Sub $100 Condenser Mic Worth Considering. Summary: A cheaper and acceptable alternative but doesn’t beat the Rode NT-USB for results. It is great for both male and female vocals and suits most genres. Please use links on this page, rather than searching from my recommendations elsewhere. As a cardioid condenser microphone, the Blue Baby Bottle has a neutral sound that works great for any vocalist, male or female. I love the sound of the Beta 58 for live vocals with my particular voice. An omnidirectional mic collects sound from every angle around the head of the microphone. This is important, in finding the correct sound. Some mics have an on board pad switch to increase the max SPL. On the negatives, the native EQ balance favours higher end more than it should, rather than middle warmth. The ideal studio microphone for computer. Note: very wide mics may not fit in this, most do. Did I miss any interesting ones here? Features 5 switchable patterns (Omni, Wide Cardioid, Cardioid, Hypercardioid, Figure-8). As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. The mic that made Thriller. Many consider this home studio microphone to be perfectly attuned to vocal recording, beyond any other applications. My singing has taken me around the world, performing on 5 continents and getting paid to do so. Summary: Best balance of price and quality for a pro standard vocal recording mic (condenser). The Baby Bottle is designed primarily to record vocals and it does not have certain features other microphones in this range have. However, the TLM 103 is able to give you that amazing Neumann sound, given that it’s a cardioid condenser microphone that uses the same capsule and transformerless circuitry from the U87 microphone. But I get inquiries from people who own such microphones, asking if they did something wrong during their recording process. Requires more gain than most dynamic microphones in its class. Although the Shure SM7B is more of a microphone for … Summary: Best Vocal Mic For The Surprisingly Low Price. It holds onto the high end characteristics of each voice without harshness or becoming thin. TOP PICK (HOME STUDIO) – The Rode NT1-A captures a very natural sound but with a hint of low-end lift around 120hz – adding a little bit of warmth and depth to vocals, without negatively changing the source sound. Sensitivity doesn’t quite live up to some of the pricier mics coming up, but it’s a top vintage mic nonetheless. Which can be a good source of income for your studio. But again, of course, the sound has to do with proper microphone placement techniques, you could still record nice sounding acoustic guitars! There are lots of microphone choices to choose from. While it’ll sound amazing with vocals, the Manley also has a high max SPL of 150 dB, uniquely making it great for loud instrument recordings too. Will you be recording small ensembles, choirs, or mostly just a single vocalists? Beta 58: See Price & Check Out The Amazon Reviews. But for recording a single vocal, singing right next to the microphone, it’s not ideal as it will capture a lot of room reverb and unwanted noise from other places in the room. I’ll introduce the Aston Origin and Spirit — their large condenser microphones. Have heart for another legendary microphone? Lots of switches used to tackle different recording scenarios — low and high shelf filter. This is because of the microphone’s polar pattern that cancels out any unwanted sound from the back of the microphone and only picks up sound that is in front of it. I’ll explain the pros and cons of each. The Blue Baby Bottle is probably one of the most popular Blue microphones, because of its affordability and quality – making it stand out in the Blue Microphones lineup. Below 6kHz, a very linear capture ensuring very natural sound with silky bass. Not a lot between this and the AKG p220, you’ll do well with either. It works amazing for vocal recordings, though where it falls short is when you try recording drums or acoustic guitars with it. When attempting to find a professional … Sometimes, you may not even need a new vocal microphone. A pricier option. Great both male and female vocal recording. Do not buy microphones like these: Let me save you time and pain by telling you that these microphones will not do If budget is a concern, finding a used microphone may also be an option. High end gold-plated diaphragms and switchable pickup pattern (cardioid, Omni, Figure 8). The Manley is a GREAT microphone. Some modern USB condenser mics actually stack up quite well against traditional mics at the same price point. It’s a boutique microphone, built in the UK and it’s been making real waves given the quality is still available at a price point right at the bottom of the semi-pro category.