The frozen fruit is what thickens the smoothie so it can be more of a bowl (and toppings can sit on top instead of sinking into it). I love using our homemade classic granola or this banana bread granola. Breakfast, in case you forgot, is the best meal of the day, and one great way to incorporate fruits and veggies is through smoothie bowls. Related: Almond Coconut Gluten Free Granola. So whatever you choose to add to your smoothie bowl, toppings wise, make sure you add enough! After you've blended your smoothie of choice, it's topping time! So there you have it…my best tips for making the BEST smoothie bowl, with the most amazing consistency! The mix of textures, flavors, & crunch is what makes a good smoothie bowl down right delicious! It helps to have a high powered blender since it takes more power to blend a thicker smoothie. The textural contrast is much-needed! You can even get all three… Just remember, if you are tracking your macros to add the toppings as well as the smoothie bowl when you input your smoothie into your app (I use MyFitnessPal). The best thing about a smoothie bowl, you can enjoy nutrient-dense foods in one blend! You can create tons of different combinations, all of which will provide a strong dose of antioxidants and lots of health-boosting vitamins and minerals thanks to fruits and veggies. Cold, creamy and delicious, smoothie bowls are the perfect breakfast to flex during your 8am zoom class. Nut butter is another essential on my list. Use the toppings to add in some extra fertility superfoods to your breakfast and make your smoothie taste delicious. Toppings are the best part of a smoothie bowl. Any nut butter will do –– peanut, cashew, almond, sunflower seed, even ta hini! Best smoothie bowl toppings: Granola is a must for me.