Try this easy cherry berry pie recipe you can make in your very own kitchen. Key West Key Lime Pie Co. sells pies whole or by the slice, or they will dip a frozen slice in chocolate for you. Like the buckeye candy, that is! For more treats in the Big Apple, read this. Try these tips the next time you make apple pie. Check out these other Oregon bars that you should visit. With pies available whole, by the slice or frozen to bake at home, it’s no wonder that Pie Junkie is Oklahoma City’s premier pie shop. Owner Karen Car also offers gluten-free and sugar-free pies for those with dietary restrictions. Speaking of graham crackers…. If you’re visiting Murphysboro for its barbecue, be sure to save room for dessert at Rule of Pie. Get yourself a slice of cherry pie to go with that famous free ice water. The home cooking at Spear’s Restaurant & Pie Shop in Wichita literally began at home—the family converted a large house into a restaurant in 1956. Their famous “crack pie” with toasted oat crust and a gooey butter filling is unreal when paired with one of their famous pretzel or cereal shakes. (But everyone still loves Grandma’s favorites.). Rock ‘n’ roll vibes and 1950s decor characterize Deaner’s Diner in West Fargo. Which pies will you be baking for Christmas this year? A little taste of the South awaits at Southern Pie Company. Courtesy Spear's Restaurant & Pie Shop/Facebook, Courtesy Just Like Mom's Pastries/Facebook, Courtesy Penza's Pies at the Red Barn Cafe/Facebook, Courtesy Fayetteville Pie Company/Facebook, Courtesy Banning's Restaurant & Pie House (Official)/Facebook, Courtesy Strossner's Bakery, Cafe & Deli/Facebook, Courtesy Sweet Creations Pie Bakery/Facebook, Courtesy The Pie Goddess Suzie Sidhu/Facebook, Courtesy @sweetiepiesdoorcounty/Instagram. For more yummy things to eat in Philly, check this out. The owner and only … Did we catch you craving Mexican food? They even bake up treats for your dog at Christmas time. With a slogan like “Eat pie, love life!”, it’s a sure bet that DeWitt’s Sweetie-licious Bakery is going to satisfy your pie cravings. Blueberries and Maine go hand in hand, so expect to find some blueberry pie at Hello, Good Pie in Belgrade Lakes. People flock to Mike’s Pastry in Boston for their famed cannoli, but the pies are not to be missed. Baker Miller. Their pies are made fresh daily, using fresh ingredients like strawberries, rhubarb and peaches. Photo courtesy of Achatz Handmade Pie Co. on Facebook. Just Like Mom’s Pastries in Weare began as a home business. How about some sugar-free ice cream? Will you choose their chocolate mousse pie or sour cream raisin? The grandmother-grandaughter team behind A Pie Stop in Anchorage makes all of their pies from scratch, using locally grown fruit whenever possible. (And get some hot chicken before you leave, too! Arkansas. If you’re headed to Reno, pop in to Mix Bakeshop for a plethora of pie choices. All donuts aside, another one of my favorite treats happens to be the classic American pie. Noble Pies in Warwick uses her grandmother’s tried and true recipes, and also offers cocktail-flavored pies, like strawberry daiquiri and margarita. Their motto is “pie is love,” and we totally agree. Who can resist anything made with apples in the fall? Ricotta can be used in so many tasty ways! Bakery | Diner | Pie Shop. This Michigan place is out of this world – so good, in fact, they had to open four locations (because we can’t get enough, obvs). You can also enjoy a wide selection of omelets and other classic diner fares. Wall Drug has been a place for travelers to get refreshments since 1936. Yes, there are often lines out the door, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wait. Yup, life just got better. Have a hearty Southern meal, then try a slice of the peanut butter meringue or butterscotch meringue. The three owners of The Ugly Pie in Salisbury began their business by “borrowing” a local commercial kitchen and making their special order pies overnight. California. All this berry talk is giving us an urge to bake up some tasty blueberry treats! May we suggest one of these icebox desserts to cool you down when summer comes? Cherry pie is the only kind of pie this place sells, but that’s fine with us because they do it so well. Ricotta can be used in so many tasty ways! We do too. Can’t make the trip to Momofuku? Their housemade pie, which apparently serves 8, has a going price of $6 – per pie. Photo courtesy of Vivian C. on They’ll give you a free slice of pie on your birthday! Who can resist anything made with apples in the fall? What’s your favorite way to make a margarita? He offers whole pies, slices and mini-pies at his location in Centre Market. If you can’t make it there in person, you can order online, or make shoofly pie at home. Hawaii’s amazing tropical location makes for easy access to deliciously fresh fruit, and Leoda’s knows it. In the popular bakery of celebrity patisserie chef David Chang, help yourself to delicious soft serve ice cream and baked goods, including their famous pies. Copyright © 2019 Her Campus Media LLC. Stop by for breakfast or lunch, but save room for chocolate cream pie or traditional Southern pecan pie. Or wander into the shop and try their fabulous seasonal fruit daily specials, we’re already obsessed. They’ve been making them by hand since the late 1950s. Sign us up. In business for more than 75 years, Provo Bakery‘s original owner trained as an Army baker in Paris during the Korean War. Seriously, every summer, people literally drive thousands of miles to this place to eat their cherry pie. Bird-in-Hand Bakery is said to have the best in Lancaster County. She’s known for her lush bakes, in flavors like chocolate peanut butter banana, butterscotch and chocolate pistachio. What’s a trip to Pennsylvania without some shoofly pie? We know we can’t replicate the magic of this pie, but we do have some ideas for peanut butter brownies that you can make at home. All Rights Reserved, 9 Lansdowne Street, Suite 2Boston, MA 02215, Here are some other fantastic restaurants in Cambridge, Here are some amazing other places in Brooklyn, Check these other delicious San Francisco dishes, Check out these other amazing Atlanta places, 6 Things You Can't Leave Guadalajara, Mexico Without Trying, The 50 Best Things to Eat in Austin Before You Die.