( Log Out /  This is helpful, but it is not needed. Lisbon Lemon Trees also give great lemons and are great for desert climates. In that intense heat best to plant somewhere where the Meyer Lemon tree will get both full sun, and some partial sun during the day. Once the temperature has gone above freezing, uncover your trees and then let them soak up the sun until the temperature drops again. The best type of lemon tree that can adapt to the Arizona climate will be the Eureka Lemon Tree. The dense evergreen foliage of this tree has a two-tone effect, light rose to chartreuse coloring that contrasts beautifully with the white trunks. There is a large variety of available citrus fruits to be grown and today we will focus on lemons and how you can effectively grow them. The Best Growing Citrus Trees for Arizona. This can be done by digging yourself a shallow hole that will not swallow the whole root on the bottom your tree. This makes them great indoor plants too. The same type of principle that applies to outdoors will apply to indoors, which when it comes to the plant environment it needs to be well drained soil and will have room for growth as well as having a bit of acidic soil. Dwarf Citrus Trees in Arizona. If you are searching for info on growing lemon trees in Arizona, this post is for you! The lemons also hold onto the tree very well, which means they won’t be … A lemon tree can thrive if it is potted. The scorching will appear on a younger tree, which can be avoided by shading them during the hot months. The experts at AP Nursery can help you select ideal trees for your growing conditions but read on to learn more about selecting the best deciduous fruit trees for the Arizona climate. BEST LEMON TREE TO GROW IN ARIZONA The lemon tree species that adapts the best to the AZ climate is the Eureka Lemon Tree. The Lisbon lemon tree will also provide great lemons and are great for desert climates. Copyright © 2020 Sunset Publishing Corporation. They have decent sugar levels which make this lemon the favorite of chefs. In colder areas, this lemon can be grown as an outdoor-indoor plant. For the first time in decades, gardeners in Arizona can grow what many consider the best-tasting lemon of all ― ‘Improved Meyer’. Replace the soil and then add mulch to create an almost perfect environment for a lemon tree. The lemons also hold to the tree well, which mean they don’t fall off easily. The Meyer lemon tree is small and often look like shrubs because of their foliage. Slow release, organic fertilizer will be the best. lemon and lime. Lemon trees (Citrus) make lovely landscaping trees, with their glossy green leaves, fragrant blossoms and yellow fruit. ... That doesn't mean you can't raise a lime tree. A great way to help your citrus tree to grow is to grow them in a pot on your patio. By far the Meyer is one of our most popular trees. These trees produce great lemons that have few seeds. If you happen to have rocky soil, then do a mulch mix that is 70/30 which will help to enhance your lemon trees ability to soak up nutrients and thrive. Look for specimens in 5-, 7-, or 15-gallon containers at nurseries and garden centers in the Phoenix and Tucson areas. Added by 1 week ago. They also grow well during winter. If you are searching “Phoenix Valley Citrus Tree Easy Care Guide”, you are looking for a guide that will help you understand how to care for your citrus trees in the heat of the Phoenix Valley. Frost cloth or even burlap is good for protection. We'll show you! The quality of hole and the quality of the backfill are the most important factor.