For those that are not able to imagine what 1100 lumens looks like – a 300-lumen flashlight would be considered to be of average, or above-average brightness. Welcome to your first line in home defense; one of the best self-defense gadgets on the market. The brand even offers a lifetime warranty, so you can buy in confidence that you’re getting a trusted, quality product! The brand even includes 10 inert practice projectiles so you can gain some experience firing this defense tool. To subscribe, go to WATCH: Catch and Cook Survival, the Maine Wilderness Living Challenge, WATCH: These DIY Bushcraft Shelters are for Long-Term Survival, 12 Security Essentials to Prevent a Home Invasion, Defend Your House Against A Home Invasion, Concealed Carry Tactics to Neutralize a Home Invasion. Install a camera at the front door. If that is not possible, then consider aftermarket solutions like those offered by Creative Home Engineering. Pepper guns and mace devices are brutally effective when it comes to stopping a criminal in their tracks. The Door Bull Door Barricade Lock Out Security Device is an effective tool for keeping intruders attempting to force entry into your home from ever getting inside. The best self-defense mode being a disorienting strobe setting. The only reasonable action to take after being maced is to run, and run fast if you can even see straight or open your eyes. Nuclear Survival Kit: Top Essential Items You Need. 9. RELATED STORY: Concealed Carry Tactics to Neutralize a Home Invasion. Our top list of non-lethal home defense tools has compiled a variety of the best options for protecting yourself and your family in the event of a threat. This is an LED flashlight with an integrated high velocity, long-range pepper ball launcher that contains a powerful pepper irritant to immediately incapacitate an attacker. Superior-grade, aluminum construction allows for super quick DIY installation on most inward-swinging doors, and the brand even includes a handy hanger so you can store the device right next to the door you want to be ready to barricade. Some of our favorite options of high-powered paintball guns for home defense applications include: Disclaimer: Heavy Inc. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and other affiliate advertising programs and may receive a commission if you purchase a product via a link on this page. Easy to install, highly affordable, and capable in terms of both app utilization and real-time functionality, the Ring Smart Lighting Path Lights are a brilliant starting point or addition to any home security system. Ultra-sharp spike electrodes furthermore help penetrate through thick clothing, so you’ll be able to land a deadly zap no matter what a potential intruder is wearing. Sliding patio doors are some of the primary points of entry for intruders. You can keep this pen in any room without having to reveal its identity as a powerful tactical tool. 1. Simply install the security bar between the floor and the interior doorknob of any hinged door by adjusting the length of the door stopper, and wha-lah, you’re barricaded! In a scenario where you end up cornered in your own home, a device like this could turn the tables. There is no wiring included, simply stick the alarm components wherever you want to install them using the included double-sided tape and you’re ready to go! This book furthermore covers other topics related to keeping your home and your family safe in the event of a crisis or emergency scenario, leaving no box unchecked. This powerful stun gun with an integrated LED flashlight is conveniently sized at just 6.5 by 2 by 1 inches, so it’s easily hand-held. While directly engaging a home intruder should be a last-resort option in the event of an emergency, owning a non-lethal weapon like this that’s easy to operate and brutally effective against assailants is hands down one of the best preventative measures. This is simply a high powered flashlight that fits a broad range of weapons. Check out this video for a more detailed demonstration. The LifeLite appears to be a simple flashlight at a glance, so it’s a suitable device for walking around the neighborhood with on dog walks or while checking the mail after dark. Any serious home defense planning needs to address the topic of perimeter … RELATED STORY: Defend Your House Against A Home Invasion. Some of our top picks for rock-solid barricade devices include: While physically retaliating against a home intruder is a scary and troublesome thought, utilizing a pepper spray or mace device is a great way to incapacitate a threat without having to directly engage them. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. This thing is no fun to be shot by, so owning a last-resort self defense pistol like this could very well turn the tables in a home invasion scenario. It’s a wireless camera than can be placed anywhere with the capacity for expansion. Use an alarm system. An effective home alarm system is likely the only line of defense you will need against a potential threat - no criminal in their right mind will proceed with breaking and entering after triggering an alarm. You will have to approach your attacker at close quarters in order to effectively shock them, but shock plates on the side of the unit also deliver a high voltage shock so nobody can snatch the device out of your hands. There is a strobe setting to the device which is a brilliant method for disorienting an intruder in low light scenarios. This is the type of non-lethal home defense tool that not only deters criminals, but also indicates from a distance that your home is mindfully defended – working as a psychological deterrent as well as a physical one. A rubber, non-slip grip absorbs shock if you connect with something hard, and the ergonomics of the bat in general are quite well designed for in hand comfort. The first home defense tactic to know is a rather obvious one, but also … 6. From home surveillance and barricade tools to devices that directly engage and discourage intruders, we’ve highlighted the best available non-lethal options for protecting yourself and your family in the event of a threat. You can prod an assailant from a ways away due to the long length of this stun gun and the shaft itself is also charged, so it can’t be grabbed from your hands. The KIMANN Critter Deterrent and Anti-Climbing Defender Repellent Spiral Spikes are a unique and effective approach for keeping intruders from climbing over fences onto your property, or alternatively, onto your roof. Mindful installation means concealing the wiring best you can or keeping it out of reasonable reach in order to discourage sabotage. A bright light in the eyes is a great way to deter an intruder that both disorients the attacker and enhances your aim if wielding a firearm. Set up is a breeze to complete on your own, simply run your power source, secure and adjust the lights, and you’re all set! Modern paintball guns furthermore feature some impressive range, so if your home surveillance alerts you to the presence of an intruder, chances are you could lay the hurt down before they ever even make it to the front steps. 7. Store this unit in a child-proof, quick-access location where it can be rapidly armed and you’ve got yourself a seriously effective home defense tool for combatting anyone with ill intentions. You can furthermore add another four cameras, bringing the total amount of surveillance up to eight cameras! 3. A home defense tool like this is for the scenario you can’t imagine – it’s a last resort option that might, however, prove to be pivotal in the event of a dangerous intruder. The lights furthermore will only trigger during night time hours, so they won’t waste any energy during the day. This device is about one foot long, so it’s quite easy to wield, even for those with weak hands and wrists. Blind spots can hide individuals who don’t … The Door Bull helps support your door frame by distributing the force more evenly, and at the appropriate angles, actually reinforcing your entire door rather than adding a brace or bolt that could rip off the hinges! While gun ownership is a popular option when it comes to self defense and home security, there are a variety of non-lethal home defense tools that are highly effective at both deterring and confronting intruders.