Concluding Thoughts. Acoustic guitars can also be made with carbon fiber, and the Rainsong WS3000 12-string and Rainsong WS1000 are perfect examples: The WS3000 features an all-graphite body with no body braces. No warping, no fear of heat or humidity; this is a huge factor to consider for any traveler guitar. Rainsong WS3000 12 String & WS1000 Carbon Fiber Guitar. PHOTOS OF MY PRODUCT SSC 17. In contrast, carbon fiber means you can bring your guitar in any weather and travel to any climate stress-free. Acoustic SSC. While I respect the traditionalist view, carbon fiber has proven to be a durable material for guitars, while also providing the guitar with a modern, cool look. Acoustic DRC. As the guitar is built, I like to think I give it life. Fibertone guitars are made from carbon fiber. Hollow body travel guitar. RainSong Graphite Guitars has developed SFT: Soundboard Fusion Technology that combines the stability and robustness of carbon fiber with the traditional aesthetics and tone of wood. Realizing the longevity that comes when you invest in a carbon fiber guitar, for their permanence and ability to hold their tune, You will literally have it for life." Acoustic DRC. I would like to invite you to get to know more about my custom made guitars. After careful experimentation, we fused a thin spruce soundboard and a unidirectional pre-impregnated carbon top in a single molding step. "After buying my first carbon fiber 6 string guitar years ago, I fell in love with the sound and I never looked back. Guitars constructed of Carbon Fiber offer unique features and benefits attractive to many musicians. I am drawn to carbon fibre instruments for their stability and peace of mind. Unlike wood, carbon is an inert material. Finally, while the carbon fiber guitar was easy to tune and keep tuned, the Sitka Sapele took a more work. Innovation lives in our lines of Carbon Fiber Guitar. Acoustic players not using an amp will appreciate its natural volume and projection. It took about 5 minutes of playing to finally rest in tune. An all-graphite neck and epoxy fingerboard fabricated using RainSong's Performance Shape Casting as a single piece and no truss rod. Hollow body DRC . It was a challenge to keep the Sitka Sapele in tune immediately after putting it together. This probably has something to do with the properties of wood vs carbon fiber. BENEFITS OF USING CARBON FIBER. These guitars feature a clear and resonant tone that is maintained throughout the life of the instrument. It’s strong, lightweight, and exceptionally durable.