Car radio won't turn on after changing battery ? i plan on getting (2) 15" kicker L7's and want an amp that is a perfect match RMS wise. Depends on how loud you want to get, also on your box, that sub can take an AQ1200.1 for daily without any problems, but once again, depending on your box and if you don´t clip it, it´s one of the best bang for the buck amplifier out there! I still don't know if I should get an amp that throws 2-ohm 700-750RMS or 1000RMS ? teamssaudio. they are very loud. This cant be enough for a speaker that runs 1000RMS. Oh and SQMontes Avatar :O, Steve Meade Designs Inc. | © 2020 | A Car Audio Enthusiast Forum,,, Music is dynamic, so the output will constantly change. turbos, supercharges and dont wrry bout all the ohms and stuff. I was thinking about getting an Alpine MRD-M1005 amp for my 15" L7 it runs at 2-ohms do you know if that would be enough? Steve Meade Designs Inc. | © 2020 | A Car Audio Enthusiast Forum I have a Cadillac STS with Premium Stereo (15 Speakers + 300watts amp Bose all factory) had a guy work on the car so I can be able to add an amp + sub. i cant seem to figure out what amp will go best with the 4 ohm DVC's. 1 The Best Kicker L7 15 of 2020 – Top Rated & Reviewed; 2 Top Rated Kicker L7 15 to Buy Now; 3 Kicker L7 15 Reviews on Twitter. Since the sub is 750RMS and 1000peak. He was going to get me this kicker from $450 to $250 but its soldout everywhere but I bought it through someone on craigslist. Buy an amplifier in your budget range of quality build, and worry MUCH more about the install, the enclosure for the sub woofer, and the amplifier gain setting. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Im buying 2 kicker 15" L7's and they are 1000w rms and im not sure what would be a good amp, a mono or a 2 channel. The title says it all, I have a directed D2400, I looked the specs up and at 4ohm its going to run 400 RMS. Favorite Answer. no links to outside websites, business related FB/YT pages allowed. Can't seem to keep a system for more than a few weeks. What amp would be best for one 15" Kicker L7 Sub. soccer, video games, Blondes, Bass, and Beer :) i was told that a kicker zx1500.1 would go well with them, but when wired it will be at 1 ohm and at the amp … Answer Save. You do have the square L7 12" correct? 2001 is300Headunit: JVC KD-X50BTHighs/Mids: StockHigh/Mids Amp: NASubwoofer: DC Audio LV4 12"Subwoofer Box: DLDesigns Box tuned to 32HzSubwoofer Amp: AQ 2200DElectrical: NA Performance:SRT Racing intake with ECUHKS Super Dragger 2BC Racing Coilovers, full head build with BC Valves, Retainers, and springs, Dezod Green Race Header Comming soon/Thinking about

Electrical: XS power under the hood (Suggestions Welcome)​Performance: BC Cams,Cam gears, maybe GTE Swap down the lineMy YouTube Channel Subscribe and i'll return the favor!Xbox Live Team Website.My First Official Box Build.My FacebooK. Hello everyone, new here and new to the car audio. Actually no, there is no law or anything that states you have to match the power to the RMS. FrikitonXplosion, That sub since it's the l7 it has dual coils so it can only be wired to eith 1ohm or 4ohm. 15 Inch L7 Subwoofer | KICKER® We use cookies to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyze our traffic. Best amp for 15 inch L7 kicker? Dual coils in an easy way to put it is like two subs in one. You do have the square L7 12" correct? Plenty of people who know how to set their gains correctly run much more powerful amplifiers then their sub's rms ratting, and there are countless people out there running much less power then their sub's rms ratting. The options are if you got the dual 2 that means there's two coils and each coil is two ohms. Do I need an amp that throws 750RMS like the sub or more or less ? Can amplifier distort with sensitivity set to zero. Get your answers by asking now. Saving for a '06 Nissan 350z, look for build around June 2012. The kicker l7 which is a square sub is dual coils. Still have questions? Any time you have have a power wire next to your frame put some rubber hosing (or cut up an innertube) around it. Why did my car stereo head unit start shutting off during heavy bass notes today? Powered by Invision Community, Car Audio, X-Box360, BeerPong, my IS300, going fast, XS power under the hood (Suggestions Welcome), car audio, bass, subwoofers I dont want to blow it, I want it to last for a long time. 2 15" subs and a 2K wired at 1 ohm,, 8 Massive 15" subs and small power, Dual coils in an easy way to put it is like two subs in one. the l7s are some of the best subs out there. a match for RMS is what you should be looking for from sub woofer to a class d amplifier.the RMS rating is the continuous power a class d amplifier can put out and a sub woofer can handle.and a match is what your looking for or close to it at whatever ohms load the sub woofer is rated to run don't say if its a 2 ohm sub woofer or a 4 ohm sub,or what the RMS rating is on the sub woofer itself.and if you have 2 of them you must add the RMS ratings of both together and find a class d amplifier that can put out a match to what both subs added together can handle.hope you understand this.this is how you match a sub woofer to a class d amplifier.and a class d amplifier is set up for running sub woofers can also use a channeled amplifier in a bridged mode on low pass to do this job but a class d amp is the best way to go.