Choosing Best 6X9 Speakers for Bass (Without Amp!) Pros: Cons: Hertz Audio HCX 690 Hi-Energy. These speakers have the best frequency range of 20,000Hz. Now you are almost done to choose 6x9 speakers from the list above. Best 6×9 Car Speakers for Highs 2020 Reviews. Table of Contents. Best 6x9 Car Speakers for Highs. Bryce; May 29, 2020; 0; Best 6X9 Speakers. Check Latest Price. The 6X9 component speakers cover the complete audio range. Car without speakers is not a car. These systems provide an excellent sound quality, but some tones could be less clear than others. Best 6x9 Speakers Reviews & Recommendations 2020. Best 6X9 Speakers. There are two-way and three-way full-range 6×9 speakers. The 10 Best 6X9 Speakers of 2020 Reviewed. Pros: Cons: … Two-way vs. three-way speakers. There are countless speakers accessible in the market. The Best 6x9 Speakers in 2019 & 2020. The 6X9 speakers offer you the full range audio sound. Pros: Cons: Pioneer TS-A6986R. Cheap 6x9 speakers for Under $100 & Under $50! Best Overall. Pros and Cons. Is it a real option at all? It will help you to understand the main objective of a speaker. I recommend you read our Buyer's Guide to know what are the main key features to build or upgrade your car stereo. Key Features: Let's discuss first some common terminology that is used to build the sound in a speaker. Feel the Bass. 5. These 6x9 speakers are Cheap! The best 6x9 speakers for cars that you can buy in 2020 for excellent bass. JBL GTO939 GTO Series. Two-way speakers: Also called coaxial speakers, consist of a woofer and tweeter. Pros and Cons. The 10 Best 6X9 Speakers of 2020 Reviewed. Some speakers are outstanding, but few speakers fail to deliver the quality and sound of your kind. Pros: Cons: Infinity REF-9623ix. Rockford Punch P1692. Best 6x9 Speakers - Buyer's Guide. The component speakers patently and undoubtedly provide better sound quality than the regular speakers. Pros and Cons. Remember, the reason you’re going after a 6×9 speaker instead of a 6×8 is that you want to get a little bit more “oomph” out of the sound coming from your car. Pros and Cons. For bass but without an amp.