The famous glasses are suitable for some famous beers only. Pint (Nonic glass) The Imperial Pint was adopted as an official measure by the British Parliament in 1824 and incorporated by the English bars around 1960. Let’s take a look at the different types of beer glass, why they should be used and how they can complement your beer. And if you think beer glass shapes don’t matter, you’re sorely mistaken. Each of the set’s four glasses is designed with beer experts to amplify the aroma and flavors of the beer: the set includes a 19.1-ounce rippled IPA glass, a 26.5-ounce deeply rounded American wheat glass, a 21-ounce stout, and 17.7-ounce stemmed barrel-aged beer glasses, all made of lightweight, non-leaded crystal and crafted by Bavarian artisans. Best Glasses to Complement Your Beer (by Glass Type & Style) As of June 2014, there were more than 3,000 craft breweries operating in the United States, and almost 2,000 were in the works. This wide-mouthed glass is designed to help a beer maintain head, and allows the drinker to take deep sips. Types of Beer Glasses 1. A tulip is one of the most versatile glasses, used often when drinking a Duvel , a La Chouffe or any Belgian Blond. Please review our guide to beer glasses and start optimising those suds post haste. Nowadays, it is one of the most used glasses to serve any British Ale, Porter or Stout. This meteoric rise in specialty beers has rekindled connoisseurs’ interest in matching the right glass with the right beer. Beer Glasses is getting an entirely new layout and new content. Thanks, and cheers! It is also good to know which beer goes best with what type of glass. Check back soon and there will be some awesome new content here. Also, check whether the glass is contaminated or not. Each glass style or shape is designed primarily to accommodate either the specific character of the beer or the specific character drinking the beer. The Pint Glass. The Pint Glass might be the most common glass used for beer, specifically the American Pint Glass. The beer you drink is not all that matters. Here are a few examples of unique glassware for beer. A pilsner glass is used for many types of light beers, including pale lager or pilsner.Pilsner glasses are generally smaller than a pint glass, usually in 200 millilitres (7.0 imperial fluid ounces), 250 ml (8.8 imp fl oz), 300 ml (11 imp fl oz), 330 ml (12 imp fl oz) or 400 ml (14 imp fl oz) sizes. The beer glass type has made people go for the best beer glass and enhances the aroma of the beer. It is something that beer drinkers everywhere should take note of. One should consider the properties of the glass before actually buying it. Tulip beer glass. Beer glasses by type.