Thinly sliced, hot and juicy corned beef, Swiss, cabbage, and 1000 Island dressing on grilled rye bread. Meg’s B.L.T. Phone: 1300 042 525 Fax: 02 9738 3333 Email: [email protected] 12" Beef hotdog, macaroni, cheese, crunchy slaw and BBQ sauce. Thinly sliced, hot and juicy corned beef, Swiss, whole grain mustard, and pickle slices, pressed and grilled on a fresh roll. The Kilkenny. Corned Beef Cuban. Fettayleh Foods. $ 14.50. It’s the perfect addition to any dish including a pasta or in a burger. Tex-Mex Dog. 12" Beef hotdog, cheese sauce, crispy beef rashers, caramelised onion, American mustard and jalapeno relish. Feedback Send us your feedback here . Subscribe Subscribe to our e-Newsletter. $ 13.50. We’ve really taken a giant leap from the previously mentioned burger challenges by introducing The Don. This product is fully cooked however, should still be lightly fried or re-heated. This is a handmade product using Australia’s best quality ingredients. PRODUCTION 262 Horsley Road, Milperra, NSW Australia 2214 Tahira Beef Rashers Tahira Beef Rashers. 12" Beef hotdog, ketchup, pickle and American mustard. (167g to obtain 100gof final product), salt, dextrose, antioxidants(E301), preservatives(E250, E252). Atlanta Dog. Ingredients: Halal beef meat. Texas Tommy. There’s 700g of brioche bun alone, and then you add on the two 600g beef patties, your regular sauces and salads, 16 rashers of bacon, 400g of chips, and two cans of soft drink – because the burger alone would be too easy, right? Beef rashers are made to be used as bacon, offering a non-pork alternative.