Use the amount that suits your skill level. The drooping underarms aren’t created by fat, but by excess, sagging skin. I’m a metabolic magician, nutrition nerd, exercise expert, and motivation master. You rock! I will start this today. Here’s a direct link where you can learn more and sign up if you’re interested. 1 pound? Many women are familiar with the problem of ‘bat wings’. Here’s a link for you to sign up xo That’s why I came up with my Lazy Girl workouts. When the time will do these exercise at evening or morning please give me suggestions, Want to take your metabolic rate of the way you have, Hi Kimberly! If you think this workout will help someone else that’s struggling with motivation, please share it to help another “Lazy Girl” get fit and healthy. Is 3lbs enough? If this exercise is done properly, it can really burn (the good burn). You’ll need to do each exercise until you feel the burn. Once you’re done with one exercise, move quickly on to the next exercise. When the weight gain started to go past 15 pounds and my arms took on the look of bat wings, I decided that drastic measures were required. One full round of all 5 exercises counts as 1 set. Ready to rock? Word of caution, if you have an elbow injury and a pain begins to develop from performing this exercise, try to lower the weight or even come back to it another day. Total Transformation Meal Plan & Workouts, Mind Right, Body Tight® Weight Loss Workouts,,,,, You know, that flabby hammock of skin that can hang down from your arm? But hey, since you’re here I’ll show you how to get rapid results… even if you love food and have a love/hate relationship with exercise like me. This is perfect. I’m glad you like the workout xoxo. Gonna start on the bat wing routine, I’ve always wanted nice arms. Click here to see the Simple Steps to start getting Results for free, Get free VIP-only Resources that make it easy to Burn Fat & Feel Fabulous, Click here to Start your Free Metabolic Analysis & training, Click Here to Burn Fat and Tone up with Quick and Easy Workouts made for Busy Women, Find the perfect Nutrition or Workout Program that's perfect for you. 2. And the worst of it is that they can show up on you regardless of your weight. Unfortunately, genetics will play a big role in whether you get what I've heard referred to as "bat wings" but there are things you can do to improve your chances of escaping this - exercise (that means the dreaded strength training, not just cardio), hydrate (drink plenty of water), moisturize, and hope for the best! Here’s a link to learn more Thank you for posting! When you feel the burn do 5 more reps. Then you’re done. When you’re done with this workout, leave me a comment and let me know if you felt the burn. . And I don't to spam. Do your upper arms wobble when you wave? Some women develop them after losing a lot of weight. This so great! Check them out: If you love my Lazy Girl workout, you’ll love the Lazy Girl Exercise Program. Going to the bathroom at night? You can learn more about it here. I hate my bat wings. Sign up now to get your free welcome gift. This is one of my personal favorites, and also, in my opinion, the BEST exercise for developing those triceps (aka best for eliminating flabby arms). I have been doing some arm exercises, but now I have more to help me accomplish my goal thank you. I know I have to exercise for my physical and mental health. Just let the time complete another 30/10 set before beginning the next round. It just hangs there and it seems difficult to get rid of it. Thank you. I makeover metabolisms to get people happy, healthy, and fit fast. Question… what weight should I be using? If you liked this workout, you’ll love my other Lazy Girl Workouts! I guarantee if you do it right you’ll feel the burn. I know the feeling. or heavier. Idk what I’m doing here. Dr. Michael Olding, chief of Plastic Surgery at George Washington University says, “The best result occurs after you’ve dropped all of the weight. This is what happens to your body, 5 tips to keep your glasses from fogging up while wearing a mask. Required fields are marked *. P.S. Bat wings aren’t always due to excess fat in the arm area, though. Create a more defined cleavage line and a flatter tummy with this multitasking exercise. When you feel the burn do 5 more reps. Then you’re done. Make sure you sign up as a CC VIP so you’ll get access to my free resource library and new workouts every week. Thanks so much for your comment. Stop working out harder than you have to and start getting better results. If you have bat wings as well, you’ve probably already tried all kinds of exercises without success. Let me know in the comments. The 5 exercises in this bat wing workout utilize my lazy girl rep count rule. Is 5lbs too much? It's free. 2? Bend the arm with the weight and move the lower arm backwards before slowly bringing it back in line with your body. Thx! The 5 exercises in this bat wing workout utilize my lazy girl rep count rule. Repeat 8-12x, rest for 30 secs and then repeat for three sets. Do you know you should workout but you don’t want to? Take little to no rest between exercises. It only works if you work it, so work it. Set the timer to rest for 10 seconds before you would move onto the next exercise. :/. You can do the entire workout on your back AND it really works. Thanks. Thanks so much for helping me Christina! Alternate it with my other lazy girl workouts…. You can learn more and get started here: Click through to the next page to find out more and watch the video that explains the exercise! Your email address will not be published. I designed it to burn fat. Which exercise was your favorite? I haven’t exercised in a while. It just hangs there and it seems difficult to get rid of it. Pin this Lazy Girl Tricep Workout to Pinterest so you’ll have it forever. Avoid going with these tips, See this: this couple built a home in an extraordinary submarine, This is why you should hold your car keys against your head for a broader reach. These are some ways to easily get rid of them, Dermatologists: This is how those red ‘moles’ can be removed, With these 5 tips you’ll avoid eating too much food during the holidays, Oops! YOU are so worth it! I love this workout and the Lazy Girl Program. My Lazy Girl workouts were designed to be done when you’re feeling lazy, unmotivated, or just getting started and trying to get in a workout routine. I have a broken foot and your workouts are perfect! I love hearing what you think. Christina is a certified Holistic Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, & Holistic Fitness & Health Coach. Help! But sometimes it’s hard for me to get motivated to exercise. Lie face up on the floor, with knees bent and together, feet flat on the floor. Three minutes a day. Awww yay! I have tons of leg and butt workouts. Your email address will not be published. These workouts help build lean muscle mass but don’t really do anything for loose skin. Finally something I want to do! You can take it anytime by clicking here:: The natural aging process can also cause the skin to lose elasticity, resulting in sagging bat wings. What a terrible story! Awww thanks, Candice! I share my secrets to getting results with the least exercise possible. Is it worth it? Do you have anything to get your legs in shape and buffed?