Ground nests are built of whatever's available, such as kelp and driftwood near … The project began in April of 1937. Published ... in Cape Coral bans building within 1,100 feet of an eagles nest, but the new ordinance would match the federal and … Cape Coral mulls construction guidelines near eagle nests. Because a pine tree near the plaza site has a bald eagle's nest - one of seven in the county - state Department of Natural Resources guidelines say no construction can begin after Dec. 15 to … In areas where trees are few and far between eagles will nest on the ground or on the tops of cliffs! Concert Properties, … But first, a pair of eagles nesting near the site will have to go. The gift of this conference center (later called Hitler's Eagles Nest by the Allies) was to be from the Nazi Party which supplied the funds, … Construction of the Eagle's Nest. The nest is atop a construction mound and two of the federally protected animals can be seen sitting on top of the pile, which Medallion Homes Construction is planning to knock down and … Bald eagles generally nest near coastlines, rivers, and large lakes where there is an adequate food supply. A long stalled development on the City of North Vancouver waterfront appears to be moving forward.