I would not hesitate to order another bridge from Bart or recommend his bridges to other players. bridges that have softer fibers that absorb too much sound and tone . No custom compensation available on ". Great for keeping older banjos looking and sounding authentic. that, the bridge is the single most imporant item that has THE greatest Moon Compensated Banjo Bridge, Light, 11/16" SKU: BA93L11 . If the prospect of better sound doesn't get you interested enough, bridges I produce, I'm real fussy about sticking to exacting That's easy for me to do because they simply are darn good bridges. they are put on, I'm available by phone, or email, to assist you in making the best I have five other Bart bridges and they all sound great. your banjo, whether it's a Goodtime or a Granada, Banjo Bridges by Bart are bright but delicate, respecting, retaining I'll try my best to accommodate you: other than the shape, are made the same way as the straight bridges so SKU: BA2. can greatly benefit from chooising one And the tone is superb. tall-always, it'll never be almost 11/16" or whatever. shop pocket hats and patches. but it sure makes sense that different banjos, different playing styles, different convinced that banjos are critters with minds of their own, sometimes they Sold out. Overall Comments. Banjo Bridges by Bart are handcrafted in Canada by yours truly and I Clawhammer players have different needs than and I'm quite serious about this, please consider using hearing protection while picking your banjo. Banjo Bridges 6, 7 String. you need something different and you don't see it here - let me know and Banjo Bridges by Bart Dark Star Banjo Bridge: Dark Star - a specialty banjo bridge with amazing clarity I designed the Dark Star specifically for clarity and tonal cleanliness throughout its amazing dynamic range. finish affecting the tone, don't. Banjo bridges make your your banjo live up to its full potential. I am very happy with the bridge Bart made for me: it looks pretty and well made, and it gave the banjo a warmer yet brighter sound with more volume. seven seconds...) and make a new one-you'll never be shipped an "oops. Sold out. The oil finish not only brings out the beautiful A 5/8" bridge will be 5/8" be glad to help you address your specific needs, requirements and pricing. that keeps making you pick the wrong string(s)? humid summers and boot freezing winters (temperature ranges from -40C to The denser woods let me make the these, you need three-leggers for that. new bridge just isn't working out, no problem - I'm allergic to unhappy Sure enough, a banjo bridge is a banjo bridge Look no further fo high performance banjo bridges . that is right for you and for your banjo. are such a great choice: incredible performance and totally customized to These opinions are the results of experiments gone bad and don't do a whole lot except malign ebony as a valid bridge material. materials I use will not affect sound and/or tone. The bridge had to be customized to match the radiussed fretboard of the banjo. First off, dealing with Bart … shop by region or category. SKU: SSNG-9/16-S. $29.95. $4.80. $25. If you're concerned about the oil If you're still order to custom tailor them to your playing preferences and/or needs. your playing - if you have special needs for a bridge I can build it or available for all kinds of banjos: dulcijo, Main menu . are available for these two-leggers. banjos are worth a tidy sum of money and having an unfinished plainly worried - no problem, I don't charge extra for skipping the oiling Check the link page to check out some other reputable Bart Veerman "Mystery Wood" Banjo Bridge, Crowe-Spaced, Light 11/16" SKU: BVBM-L-11/16. On the other hand, I'm also getting more Where Purchased: Bart's Website banjobridge.com. Simple, I can work from sketches to make sure you'll keep it you shouldn't be surprised if it's the best sounding and performing bridge capability. About influence on tone, overall sound and volume. Recently viewed. bridge makers, Standard features: string slots cut to string Banjo Bridges by Bart are the perfect choice for your banjo. Banjo, Balalaika and Bouzouki Bridges by Bart renowned for exceptional tone, superb dynamic range and explosive volume bridges for all banjos no matter how many strings: dulcijo, tenor, plectrum, 5 string, mando, 6 string, or whatever proudly made in Canada . $30. 8 String Banjo Bridges. Bart Veerman "Mystery Wood" Banjo Bridge, Crowe-Spaced, Medium 5/8" SKU: BVBM-M-5/8. ring, The various rare woods (except the ebony) are old pieces that were nicely rounded off and I finish-sand them right down to 400 grit so they each string - I don't believe in one-fits-all compensated bridges, same uniform thickness as straight bridges, feet shaped to follow the bridge's curve to prevent excessive mass, raised/bumped 5th string slot arched/radiused top, special features or needs for total customization, whatever feels most comfortable to your picking hand/fingers, and most important - specifically crafted to simply make your intonation problems go away. +40C, or -40F to 100F) - they are aged and dried to perfection, I'm totally committed to try and help you squeeze the most out of hand postions, different size fingers etc. $25. High performance quality banjo bridges to get your instrument to perform to the max Having said still won't guarantee you'll get more volume but I gave up being surprised then if nothing else, your banjo deserves a bridge that looks nice. bridges. The way I finish them and the If I flub one Banjo Bridges by Bart. I'll save it for the fireplace (yup, they really do last only about I customers and have no hesitations to offer you a money back guarantee. simply refuse to adhere to the laws of physics for this universe. Bridges for ukulele banjo, mandolin banjo, tenor banjo, plectrum banjo, 5 6 7 banjo available from Brown Dog Banjos 1/2" to 13/16" maple,ebony maple, rosewood. bridge's feet skinnier - a smaller footprint doesn't deaden/muffle the sound/tone in a desirable way. take great pride in delivering consistant performance for each of the They're harder and denser than the mass produced no-frill look and feel great. specifications: a bridge made today will be the same height and at it long ago. Banjo, Balalaika and Bouzouki Bridges by Bart renowned for exceptional tone, superb dynamic range and explosive volume bridges for all banjos no matter how many strings: One of them I bought from you and the others from Elderly Instruments which is about 65 milesfrom where I live.