UK keyboard driver on a US physical keyboard (where the backslash key produces #): Right Alt+\ It doesn't work using the left Alt key (at least not on my Dell). This is much easier then using the Alt code. This has saved me a lot of pain! Therefor the US/UK keyboard doesn't work and the backslash doesn't work. Thanks to all, it's working fine. Keyboard back slash when pressed gives #, when hash pressed I get £ when @ pressed I get ". cheers for the alt + # method. I figured there is always a way of entering a character by its code and of course this works. Backslash on a mac keyboard « Daily Glitches says: April 22, 2009 at 11:55 am […] on a mac keyboard Thanks to this link, I’ve found that typing a backslash on a mac keyboard is done by pressing the next three […] (And I'm an IT manager (-:) See the image at the related link below.On the bottom left, beside the Z key. In today’s article, you’ll learn about all the available methods you can use to type the Backslash Symbol on your keyboard, whether you are using Windows or Mac, and whether you are working with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or in your browser. Shift+Alt+/ Bijdrager. To get the backslash (took me a long time to work this out!) Ik vroeg me af hoe je een Backslash gebruikt op een mac. After getting really fed up with not being able to type a backslash key in Windows when running RDC or Virtual PC, I developed Backslasher [8KB download, includes instructions] to re-map the key on a Mac OS keyboard where a backslash would normally sit.While this app is a for Windows, it was developed as an extension for Mac users to be able to work more effectively when using Windows. i try pressing the backslash button with the backslash symbol on it but it just types the hash symbol - theres no hash key on the button. And, although one can make the (previously) allographic equivalent of a vertical line, it's only a broken bar ( ¦ ). Hi Backslash and other special characters when using a Mac. how to correct. The UK variant of the Enhanced keyboard commonly used with personal computers designed for Microsoft Windows differs from the US layout as follows: . Simultaneously press right hand ALT key and -hyphen(‐) key… you will get \. See the image at the related link below.On the bottom left, beside the Z key. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to ... (UK) instead of English (US) as default. For those of you who said it didn't work, not the 92 above the keyboard. If you use a non-American keyboard for a Mac and need a dollar-sign ($) (for programming, LaTeX, Excel, etc. For a vertical bar/pipe symbol (|) use Ctrl+Alt+Shift+\ its really frustrating cos i need the backslash key for my email for me to do my work. Click on Search on Windows taskbar and type in Language Settings, then press Enter/return. Pete_UK. Thanks a million!!! Quite easier than typing Alt+Num9+Num2 especially since depending on size, laptops can have quite a screwed up numpad that takes way letters and numbers when turned on (mine does). It works for me . None of the above worked on my Vortex laptop configured for the UK. 1 december 2012 om 16:46. Hi, I have Parallels 1922 working great on my Mac Pro, but I have no backslash. I know this is an old post, but the advice here is fabulous. How do we send backslash from mac to Pc? V Hope this helps somebody else. As this keyboard does not have a numeric pad, I used the ALT + FN + 92 (9K) and it worked. Can anyone help. I have a laptop that I bought in Singapore but has UK keyboard mapped. To add a new layout click on the "Add a k… That is, I have a UK keyboard layout set but I have a physical US keyboard. Alt Gr is the one to the right hand side of the space bar and the normal US button for the backslash is next to the enter button and shift key (may slightly differ on different keyboards). When and how lovebirds will enter into the nest box? Since this method didn't work for me, the easiest thing I found to do on my laptop was to add the US keyboard layout as another keyboard in the languages settings on windows. Alt + Fn + 9 + k, My HP Probook works well with Function key 'fn' + hash key '#'. See the image at the related link below. Just saved my a tong of frustration with a remote Windows 2008 server with an UK keyboard. 3 december 2012 om 09:58. yanmik op 01 december 2012. ALT (hold down) + 9 + 2 (then release) I have tried all advice without joy. Within Windows there is an "EN" icon next to the taskbar which gives the choice of UK or United States keyboard layout...I have it on the UK setting all the time and clicked it to select United States to give the backslash but it was reverting to just needed clicking a couple of times then it worked okay. you have to press the button to the RIGHT of the space bar + backslash button. Ok you guys must think I'm reaaly stupid [wink] I'm trying to find the backslash key on an American Dell QuietKey keyboard. The Forward Slash “/” symbol is the reverse of the backslash symbol (\).. UK keyboard driver on a US physical keyboard (where the backslash key produces #): Right Alt+\ For anyone that don't know you may face this problem for usb mode because when I boot it up and got me to repair mode my backlash for command prompt didn't work for me I noticed I switched it to the wrong country that's why I recommend using uS keyboard because for UK I faced the problem few nights ago. THANK YOU so much for your help. Thanks again. Thank you! Ever since the upgrade to Parallels 8 the backslash character (\) and @ character do not work anymore. Interesting Simon. thank you – saved me a bunch of time searching for it on a US Layout – Spanish physical keyboard . I had to use the onboard keyboard. See the image at the related link below.On the bottom left, beside the Z key. See diagram below. Help please. ALT + FN + 92 (9K) worked for me. Gebruik. Mac users like to customize most features as the operating system has a huge capability for innovative techniques. Heh heh, Thanks for this. I'm setting on a macBook pro - same keyboard pretty much! Thanks a lot to All   – what OS are you using? It has the ASCI code of 92, so you can generate it by holding the ALT key down and typing 092 on the numeric keypad, which may be marginally quicker than Insert | Symbol.