In the hardware department, the BT2 has standard units. That said, maybe we can take a look at some alternatives. Besides being able to provide gorgeous … The action of the Baby Taylor was great out of the box. Pros The smart economy of the construction and finishing, the encouraging playability and genuinely enthusiastic tone. The BT2’s appeal is its mellow tone plus its strumming acoustic. Their offerings are premium, expensive, and professional. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. The action refers to the size of the gap between the strings and the frets, a low action means the strings are closer and easier to press against the frets. Would you pay that much for a chunk of wood, though? Taylor_Swift/ Dwight McCann / / CC BY-SA 2.5   Taylor Swift often uses a Signature Baby Taylor Swift guitar. Suppose you’re not a person with a massive budget under your sleeve. Especially when you move away from the super affordable range and step closer to mid-range models. Who should go for the Baby Taylor guitar? If you are willing to sacrifice a small amount of mobility, BT2 will reward you with a performance likes of which you will hardly find elsewhere. We’re here to see if its price tag is justified. I’m not listing this as a traveling guitar because it can break easily during your travels. Yet, the Baby Taylor is an incredibly popular guitar as it packs the kind of quality we expect from the US brand. On top of that, it’s slightly larger than your usual specimen from this category. This guitar uses the standard Taylor construction with laminate woods on the top, back, and sides, plus solid pieces of wood for the body, the neck, and the fingerboard. One of the most valuable guitars that you can find on the market is right here. Even so, this is an instrument for beginners and kids, so I’m keeping this Baby Taylor review free of complex terms. It features an advanced scalloped bracing that does the trick for a fantastic tone. Don’t be fooled, though. The volume is rather good, but the lower registers are lacking (due to the size of the guitar). Taylor is a brand known for its classical guitars, so this particular model is the best representation of countless years of experience in this sector. Components 3/5. Another important built quality features are its simple X-Bracing Pattern. Although nothing like the more delicate Taylor models have, its non-scalloped pattern still helps deliver a better sound. Our expert team will guide you with gear reviews, lessons and advice to help make your guitar life a little easier and more enjoyable. It can even suffer damage from humid places, tight strings, and bad weather. Furthermore, it enhances the guitar’s top and bottom curvatures. The construction is very similar to the BT2. Speaking of which, the Big Baby Taylor is a full-sized dreadnought with electronics. This review of the Taylor BT2 Baby Acoustic Guitar will look at the following criteria: The playability to the Taylor BT2 Baby As you receive this guitar, you might need to tune it up. Yet, that’s something we expect at this price range. The sound they produce is not as full or as round. That means the body is flat, where it connects with the neck. Sound 5/5. Guitar Drop D Tuning Guide: How To Tune Your Guitar To Drop D, Yamaha APX500III Acoustic-Electric Guitar Review, MXL 990 Review – Affordable Condenser Microphone, African Ebony fingerboard & Mahogany bolt-on neck (16th fret). The tone alone makes this price a bargain. I’m going to be very friendly, this a guitar you might be looking for for your kids. It will hold its tune during your most prolonged practice sessions. Notably, the Baby Taylor BT2 needs a couple of adjustments from the get-go. Some of these links are affiliate links meaning we may earn commissions on purchases. With Taylor’s standard neck-width (11-1/16’’), the BT2 features a narrow neck that’s great for playing chords. By “forgiving,” I mean it puts less emphasis on right-hand movement, which means you could sound great even with clumsy strumming patterns. However, the BT2 is so delicate it probably needs some extra protection to be safe. Beginner Guitar HQ already made a review on another parlor guitar we considered to be the best.