DECEPTIVELY SIMPLE DESIGN ALL-NEW AMERICAN ELITE NECK HEEL Fender is guided by one clear, simple directive: make life better for musicians. There’s a brand new range of Fender electric guitars and basses. Sweeping changes were coming, with new Pine bodies, replacing Ash, and some catchy new finishes. TREBLE-BLEED CIRCUIT I’m going with my gut that this is a lot of guitar for the money, and will squarely fit into almost any player’s rig. The new Fender American Pro series replaces the old American Standards and brings the guitars more in line with the recently released Fender American Elites.The Fender Strat, Tele, Jaguar, Jazzmaster and the basses are legendary models and have been played by an enormous range of players over the last sixty-odd years. View more posts. Really the only controversial feature is the Pine wood bodies on this new flagship series from Fender. Our team of mad scientists examined every component in near-microscopic detail. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Not only do they provide increased break angle at the nut, they also increase tuning stability. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. It’s made to be a gigging warrior, providing modern and vintage sounds to suit whomever picks up this wonderful Tele. On the other hand, I always think of the Strat as perfect for more technical work like John Mayer or John Frusciante, but this Tele firmly felt like it could fill both needs. ALL-NEW 4TH GENERATION NOISELESS PICKUPS Fender’s Pro II guitar features 22 narrow-tall frets, a Deep-C neck, alongside a sculpted neck heel. Fender American Professional Telecaster vs. Fender American Elite Telecaster. The new double action truss rod adjustment wheel makes it a snap to adjust the instrument’s neck relief without any special tools. While the original Telecaster certainly did that (and then some), we weren’t content to rest on our laurels. The S-1 switch on this model activates series or parallel wiring options when using both pickups for even more tonal variations. The Pro II Telecaster’s calling card is the sonic possibilities and sound quality. Some luthiers, accustomed to using rosewood or ebony fingerboards that were glued onto the neck, found Fender’s methods highly unorthodox. The new Telecaster bridge sports three compensated brass barrel saddles for accurate intonation and vintage-informed tone. Each pickup is voiced specifically for its position, creating high-output tone with vintage warmth and the crisp, clear sound that made Fender a legend. Reach out to talk about guitars, commission a partscaster, or ask for a review. For improved upper register access and elegantly functional modern style, the American Elite Series’ new cutaway neck heel blends into the asymmetrical neck volute for comfortably enhanced playing feel. S-1™ SWITCH V-Mod Telecaster pickups are engineered with a proprietary blend of alnico magnet types. The original Telecaster neck was shaped using a single piece of maple without a separate fingerboard—another technique used to produce the instrument faster and more simply. FEATURES The American Original ’50s Telecaster is a dead-ringer for a 1952 Telecaster, featuring a lightweight ash body, butterscotch blond gloss nitrocellulose lacquer finish and 1-ply black phenolic pickguard.Period-correct details abound, including the slot-head hardware and pickguard-mounting screws, round-button string tree, chrome-plated dometop knurled master volume and tone … BONE NUT And to be fair, the first Telecasters designed by Leo Fender were made of Pine. “Dark Knight” was and still is my favorite, looking like a reverse burst with the darker blue moving into the body. Hardware, quality control, everything was up to the standard I would expect from American Fender guitars. It’s made to be a gigging warrior, providing modern and vintage sounds to suit whomever picks up this wonderful Tele. NEW BRIDGE The future of workhorse guitar design, this Tele® guitar’s stunning style, easy playing feel and flexible sound that meets any musical need, was made to tear it up on stage or in the studio. V-MOD PICKUPS Change ), Fender Vintera Road Worn ’50s Telecaster Review. ELITE. SUPERCHARGED CLASSIC Packed with a baker’s dozen of innovations, the American Elite Telecaster is the original solidbody electric guitar reimagined for modern players who want bleeding-edge performance with timeless visual style. NARROW-TALL FRETS Likewise, the finish work was perfectly done with no marks or errors. Overall, if all the Pro II line guitars are like this Tele, then Fender’s new flagship line is a big winner in my book. The one stop shop for guitar modification help, news, reviews, and opinions. They definitely warmed up the new V Mod II pickups, giving them a bit more of full tone while still sounding distinctly Fender. ( Log Out /  Another new tweak, the tone control is push-push for parallel/series switching in that middle position with both pickups on. ( Log Out /  Good for: Country, Classic Rock, Gigging Musicians, Pop, Versatile Players, R&B, Pretty Much Anything! Designed for 21st-century players, the American Elite Series sports a new compound neck profile designed for comfort and the ultimate playability. These are two big lumps of wood and, with the Tele’s single coils, there’s more than a little lap-steel to the sound. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. So these guitars may take a bit more of a beating, as in get an extra scratch or dent, but really shouldn’t have too many serious concerns about build quality. Narrow-tall frets are taller and narrower than their medium jumbo cousins, making them especially effective for bending notes and playing chords up the neck with perfect intonation. We apologize if the translation is not perfect. Discreetly placed atop the volume control, it engages or disengages at the tap of a finger for on-the-fly adjustments. ( Log Out /  Gibson, Ibanez, and pretty much all the boutique companies that are trending right now will set you back more than this Fender for a similar product. SUPERCHARGED CLASSIC Many players consider bone nuts to be more “organic” sounding. When you put it all together, there were pretty much no red flags, making this a supreme option for live musicians. For me, Tele’s always have thicker necks than Strats, which has me favor them for more rhythm work or garage rock-style playing. The treble-bleed circuit maintains the high end when turning down the volume knob to reduce gain, letting your tone shine through, no matter where the instrument’s volume is set. Will Fender’s new, shiny take on the Tele live up the high standards we expect in 2020? It’s made to be a gigging warrior, providing modern and vintage sounds to suit whomever picks up this wonderful Tele. This website uses a google translate service to translate from English. The sculpted neck heel is subtle, but does help get a few more high frets into an easier position. I was a big fan of the series/parallel push-push pot because they really thickened up the two pickups in series, which provided a much more humbucker-like tone than you’ll find in any other Fender Tele. If we were able to improve it with a new design or modern materials we did; if it didn’t need improvement, we left it alone. A quantum leap in pickup technology, these bleeding-edge pickups are the pinnacle of our pickup designs, offering crisp, clear cleans as well as gigantic overdriven tones that are bursting with pure rock power. Added a Tele with a splittable neck humbucker and also adding a split to the humbucker on the HSS Strat. New finishes, upgraded pickups, there are a lot of cool changes Fender made and all they did was raise the price by about $50? Yeah, no price raise would have been nice, but guitar prices are skyrocketing at the moment so context is everything.