There are two kinds of Bulgur: fine or coarse, and for Tabouli we use fine. Authentic Tabbouleh. December 26, 2019 by Kelly Stilwell 2 Comments. This tabbouleh salad recipe is also great on a vegetarian menu. Tabbouleh was one of the best things I ate when I visited Jordan. This Authentic Tabbouleh Bulgur Recipe is something you will want to make time and time again. Jump to Recipe. It's a healthy dish with incredibly fresh flavor, and it goes with so many main courses. The secrets to a good Tabbouleh is using the most freshest of ingredients such as fresh parsley, tomatoes, cucumber, mint, onions and the right type of bulgar.. Lebanese cuisine Lebanese cuisine is one of the most typical expressions of all the Middle Eastern cuisines and one of . This is the real Lebanese Tabouli which you will notice has little Bulgur in it. Tabbouleh is a cold salad prepared with parsley, onion, tomato and bulgur, that is originally from Lebanon but also from Syria. Serve this with chicken, beef, or seafood. A very healthy recipe that is versatile enough to go with just about any dish, this is one salad everyone should try at least once! Authentic Tabbouleh is one of those love it or hate it recipes, and this one definitely lands on the love it side! This tasty salad goes well alongside any type of dish and has been a typical side dish that has been served in the middle east for centuries.