Yucatan is known for its many meals marinated with "achiote paste," a rich mixture of dried annatto seeds, herbs and peppers. This green velvety fruit is very tasty and a popular ingredient in Mexican cuisine. Cover and hold lid down with a potholder; blend until foamy. Maya taste secret: add a dash of sea salt and a pinch of Chile Piquin or cayenne. One organic red onion peeled and finely chopped, Chopped fresh cilantro (organic is best, do wash it carefully not to burn leaves), Two red ripe tomatoes finely chopped (organic or top quality)     ▫ Sikil Pac, MAYA FISH DISHES: achiote paste (you can buy it online or in a Mexican Market), 4 fresh fish fillets (your choice fish such as grouper or red snapper with skin). This salsa enhances most meats, fish, and poultry grilled dishesit can be enjoyed as a topping over fried tortilla chips or guacamole dip; try our own organic fresh mix: 1 tablespoon of homemade vinegar (market brands work well, use white vinegar only), One ripe organic lime (juice)        or 8 oz coconut water (for light gazpacho) Fresh uncooked celery slices for added texture and taste. Organic ripe and fresh citrus give a zesty energy that is both filled with vitamins and refreshing, a great way to beat the heat. selected Hacienda Chichen as a Serve hot. Info. These free Mayan Cooking Classes showcased a variety of Healthy Mayan Fusion Cuisine Recipes and Gourmet Organic Mayan Treats; we hope our readers take the time to enjoy a visit to Chichen Itza's archaeological zone and participate in such unique experience. In a blender mix to a smooth velvety texture the remaining ingredients, return mix to pot and cook another five to ten minutes or until mixture gets really hot but does not boil. Optional: 1 oz of white tequila or mescal (liquor). 444 calories; protein 13.8g 28% DV; carbohydrates 62.5g 20% DV; fat 14.8g 23% DV; cholesterol 24.4mg 8% DV; sodium 107.6mg 4% DV. Place aside chilled water, avocado seed, salt and pepper.     ▫ Cenote refrigerator or till it is chilled and ready to serve. Choose which fruit mix idea is best for you.     ▫ Merle Greene Robertson Pour chocolate mixture into a blender. Pour the milk into a glass container and microwave at full power until it begins to boil (about 2 minutes).     ▫ Maya People  your room booking with us! This Mayan recipe truly works great as a gourmet appetizer and can be stored in the refrigerator for up to three days without loosing its freshness.     ▫ Maya Civilization If you would like to participate in a  Maya Cooking Classes and Vacation Packages, ECO TRAVEL ARTICLES:     ▫ Lima Soup, ▫   Avocado Gazpacho 3 tablets Mexican unsweetened chocolate, cut into small pieces Add fresh celery to enhance the recipe's color, texture and taste. It is not known where or how this lime originated, but must likely it is a hybrid between a Mexican lime and a sweet citron. ndigenous Maya people still drink the following ancient hot chocolate recipe. Pour into a mug. How to Prepare:   Place chaya leaves, chopped onions and crushed garlic in a pot with the vegetable bouillon and cook for ten minutes or until leaves are blanched (use mid-heat); add milk and let it cool. Traditional Chocolate Festival     ▫ Mayan Art Masters     ▫ Maya Citrus Salad It uses an Aztec recipe so it s almost exactly the same as Mexican chocolate. Wash vegetable with care, cut place all ingredients in a chilled clay bowl (crystal bowl will do) and gently mix them to coat each ingredient.     ▫ Mayan Rituals Hacienda Chichen Chef team's Maya Fusion Cuisine mastery have earned the respect and admiration of many experts.     ▫ Ecotourism Nutrient information is not available for all ingredients. You saved Authentic Mexican Hot Chocolate with Chile to your. Place the avocado seed in center to avoid fruit burn; cover salad and refrigerate it. Its rich nutrition value increases if you use vine-ripe tomatoes, organic grown onion and cilantro; plus, juicy mature limes.     ▫ Mayan Rituals advices local Maya chocolatier Saturnino Noh Uc, who will be conducting this February 2009, a Saint Valentine's Maya Chocolatier Festival at Hacienda Chichen (read news clip bellow this note). Register here. A great recipe to enjoy after a day of stress, an exquisite  easy to make gourmet treat! We will be doing this great Colonial Mexican Tradition as part of our dedication to share our culture, fiestas and traditions with our guests and visitors. A light splash of pure Acorn Squash Oil (use virgin pure olive oil as substitute). Yucatan’s lime juice has a unique aroma; its strong tangy and sour-sweet lingering flavor, key to this delicious soup. Boutique Hotels, Hacienda. 1 to 2 cinnamon sticks For the Love of Chocolate Culinary Festival Hacienda Chichen Resort and Yaxkin Spa offer our readers a Special Virgen de Guadalupe 2018 Festival of 20% discount when booking a two day stay at the hotel, just mention this note and ask for further reservation details to by calling the hotel's US, Canada and Europe Toll Free: 1-877-631-4005 or call to their local line: (999) 920 8407. A fun open free traditional tacos, cochinita pibil, guacamole and hand made tortillas luncheon was the 15th each year. How to Prepare:   Place in a clay bowl (glass will do) all ingredients, mix gently, let stand for 10 minutes to blend flavors; serve at room temperature as a snack topping or to dress up your grilled meats, fish, or poultry.