It has a reasonable price, a tighter polar pattern to reject feedback and bleed from the sides, and it sounds great. The Audix f55 is designed for a wide range of applications. Mostrar todas. Of course, Shure SM58 has become an iconic legendary as a vocal mic, used by many experts and professional singers throughout the world. At a retail price of $249 its pretty clear Audix has aimed the Audix VX5 squarely at some of its notable competition. Audix OM7 Microp­hone Review - The Best Live Vocal Mic. Youtube. Compare this to the more expensive Chinese fakes of a made in Mexico product, and the Audix is a clear winner. This is a great dynamic, handheld, vocal mic that's made in the USA (Oregon). T his class of mic, commonly referred to as budget condensers are generally geared to pull double duty both live and in studio.. If you're looking for a workhorse dynamic mic, Audix offer a good alternative to the usual suspects. With a uniformly controlled cardioid polar pattern, the USB12 provides isolation and control at the sound […] works great on all vocalists is equally good on … Louie's Tuto­rials. Barry Watson . Mostrar todas. The Audix Om7 Microp­hone for Loud Stages. However, the rather new company, Audix, has also attracted some attention with Audix OM2, which is available in a similar price range. This can be a good window into a mic's given sweet spots. With its warm, natural sound reproduction, the f55 resist feedback and is able to handle very … Need a mic thats versatile enough to go with you from the studio on to the stage? The USB12 is clear, flexible, easy to use and has excellent sound response. Remote Teaching Mic USB12 Condenser Vocal Microphone The Audix USB12 is a miniaturized USB condenser microphone for recording directly into a computer via the USB port. Large-diaphragm capacitor mics are almost always the best bet for vocal recording, and they certainly attract all the admiring looks, perched glamorously in their shockmounts. Audix OM2: TEST 1. Not knowing what to expect from the Audix I found the Audix OM2 to … f55 Cardioid Vocal Microphone. Guías-Online. Microp­hone SHOO­TOUT! Starting with the solo vocal test, I began with my usual series of vocal warm-up exercises which service to work out my entire range. In fact, the veteran condenser Shure Beta 87A also retails at $249 which I find hardly to be a coincidence. Simply the best all purpose vocal mic available at this price level , great clarity and the highest gain before feedback of any mic I've ever used . Youtube. Great alternative to all the usual suspects from the other main players SM 58 etc. Shure SM 58, Heil PR 35, Senn­heiser E945, &... SRTPCC.