It can vary in color from a lighter gray brown to a darker black and brown. VENEER CORE Crown Cut White Beech One Side. Very stable and durable product. All stocked items will ship or be ready for will call 1-2 business day after purchase. This is the best face grade on plywood normally stocked and is often used for upper-end cabinetry, architectural millwork, and quality furniture. Sapwood can be very wide, and tends to be a beige or light brown; not always clearly or sharply demarcated from heartwood. Ash plywood is a high-quality technical plywood panel that is used for various industrial & engineering applications, and in the manufacture of decorative furniture & shopfitting instllations. 1 Back NB: If FSC or PEFC certification is specifically required it is vital that this is made clear at the time of placing your order. All veneers used in ash throughout plywood are closed, i.e. Our collection of decorative veneered plywood proved a perfect solution for ornamental applications where density and cost are essential. Winwood Products is an ash plywood supplier offering the following configurations/options: Used for applications where a very strong & resilient, decorative plywood is required, ash throughout plywood is a high-quality panel product that is regularly used for toy & model making, interior decoration & in the manufacture of a variety of sports equipment. Some of these species offer the ability to achieve a panel that is lighter in weight, without affecting the technical characteristics that ash throughout plywood offers, or to alter the panel to achieve a particular aspect that you may find applies to your particular need. Size: 4′ x 8′ In the normal construction of this product, the core veneer directly under the face is bonded at right angles to all the other layers. Particleboard also provides a smooth surface but does not have the strength of veneer core plywood. The heartwood is a light brown color, though darker shades can also be seen. MDF provides a smooth surface, but like particleboard it is denser and heavier than veneer core. Size: 2440 x 1220 Thicknesses: 3.6mm / 4mm / 6mm / 9mm / 12mm / 18mm Species: Crown Cut White Ash One Side. A “B” face on hardwood plywood should be matched for a pleasing color, but not necessarily for grain. Displaying 1 - 3 of 3 results: Sort: 1/4" Ash Cabinet Grade Plywood (MDF core, 48-1/2" x 96-1/2" sheet size, G1S) SKU: 1/4ASHPLY. A “4” back is to be used in concealed areas where appearance is of no concern. B-Grade Face This wood is also available in the form of: ash 'Triply' 3-layer panel, ash fineline plywood, and decorative ash veneered panels & doors. Trade Names : White Ash, Ash, European Ash Similar Veneers : Japanese Ash, Sassafras White Ash is found throughout Europe Attributes : Ash is generally straight grained with a coarse texture. Particleboard is an engineered wood product manufactured from wood chips and a resin. The products are specifically manufactured to maintain the highest quality face veneers without the unnecessary added costs of reverse faces and expensive core veneers. We can source larger sheets; however, we will … “B” grade faces will also allow slight mineral streak and vine marks. Winwood Products is a supplier of:FSC® certified ash plywoodand/orPEFC™ certified ash plywood. A-Grade Face The wood is ideal when looking to improve the aesthetics of surfaces. Please contact Cherokee Wood Products for more details. It has remained a very popular veneer with a huge variety of end users. Ash combi plywood & ash twin plywood can be supplied as 'closed' or 'standard' cores (allowing some small knotholes and open defects in the core of the other woods). Maple One Side. Any decorative thin face of a wood species can be applied to the front and back of the panel. Ash Plywood. American Ash is grown in Canada and USA. Ash is a consistent pale straw colour with a pronounced grain and suitable for a wide range of applications. United Kingdom-based shop. Because of the coarse nature of the particles, the edges must be treated in some fashion in the finished product. You may provide your own carrier. Besides furniture, it is suitable … Multiple purchases can be combined for lower shipping rates. Ash Plywood comes in 4′ x 8′ Sheets available in 1/4 inch and 3/4 inch thickness. All veneer splices should be book-matched for a visually pleasing appearance. 2 Back This is generally referred to as a reject back. A “1” back will not contain any repaired knots. Please contact Cherokee Wood Products for shipping quotes to AK, HA & Canada. High quality material, core of the product is Multilam Birch Exterior plywood… A solid lumber panel composed of 3 layers of ash edge glued together.