Your arms should look like a wide “W.” This is your start position. 9 Arm Workouts You Can Do Without Weights. Leave me a comment and let me know if you felt the burn. They’re all beginners looking for help losing fat. To increase intensity add weight or make Baby C’s. Also, extend your arms until they’re straight. Can you do this arm and shoulder workout? Master your bodyweight to keep making biceps and triceps gains. Do each exercise for 50 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds. But hey, since you’re here I’ll show you how to get rapid results… even if you love food and have a love/hate relationship with exercise like me. If you need help, I’ve got you covered. Now, don’t just focus on your upper body. Feel free to take longer rests if this workout is too challenging for you. Tone your arms with this quick, 5-move workout for women that is also great for beginners! This kick-ass routine by Kelsey Wells, certified trainer and creator of the SWEAT app’s PWR At Home program (which recently launched 12 MORE weeks of workouts), will have you flexing in the mirror. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart while holding a pair of dumbbells by your sides with your palms facing away from you. You can do this workout twice, or use this and another one of my free. If you liked this post, you'll love my newsletter! Triceps dips build and strengthen your triceps. Extend your arm across your body as you punch your fist at an imaginary target in … I used 8-pound dumbbells to perform most of the moves, but if you’re a beginner/ or don’t have any weights at home – start without weights. This will help prevent your hips from sinking. Well, kneeling makes push-ups a lot easier. Perform it slowly and make sure your hips, torso, and knees are aligned in a straight line. Hi, I saw you page and I find it interesting. Inhale and slowly lower the weight back down to the start position to complete one rep. Unfortunately, most of the arm workouts out there are too challenging for beginners. Total Transformation Meal Plan & Workouts, Mind Right, Body Tight® Weight Loss Workouts, The most intense version of this exercise is a weighted Baby C.  Increase intensity as you get stronger and the Big C’s become easier. Do each exercise for 50 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds. For one set, complete as many reps as possible until you can’t do it anymore. Required fields are marked *. Click here to check out my free database of fat burning workouts for beginners. Exhale and curl your dumbbells up until your wrists are facing your shoulders. Im currently 158. You can make it more challenging by incorporating push-ups into it. I makeover metabolisms to get people happy, healthy, and fit fast. Bring your right arm up in a 45-degree angle with your fist just below your jawline. I’m a metabolic magician, nutrition nerd, exercise expert, and motivation master. Heads up, kitty cat. Stand, holding your dumbbells, slightly wider than shoulder-width apart in line with your shoulders. Well, I made a follow-along arm and shoulder workout most beginners can do. Arm Exercises for Beginners 1) Bicep Curl Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart while holding a pair of dumbbells by your sides with your palms … If I only worked out when I felt like it, I never would… because laughing is my favorite way to burn calories, ya feel me? Pin this beginner arm workout to Pinterest so you’ll have it forever. I know when I was 40 pounds overweight, my arms were a huge source of insecurity for me. That means you bend your arms until your chest almost touches the floor and then rise until your arms are fully extended. Lower your butt as low as you feel comfortable. Lower the weights back down to the start position. Here’s one of the best lower body exercises for strengthening and toning your glutes. This exercise is usually performed while in the straight-arm plank position. If you want to lose fat from your arms, this workout isn’t going to do much if you’re not following a meal plan, cardio, and full-body weight training program. This is your start position. This will help activate your triceps more. Instead of waiting for the day, you’ll have enough time to exercise for an hour, start doing short workouts today. Start in a high plank position with hands flat on the floor about shoulder-width apart, and wrists stacked under shoulders. To get sleeve-splitting arms like Vin Diesel or Mark Wahlberg, you’re gonna have to trash your triceps, blast your biceps, and make your forearms pop. You can do this arm workout routine at home or the gym. By Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S. 55 Best Core Exercises You Can Do at Home, 12 Reasons You Should Lose Weight with Matcha Tea, 50 Clean Healthy Snacks That Are Not Processed, 12 Easy Ways to Lose Belly Fat from Stress. No dumbbells, no problem. This is your start position. That’s why I’m sharing this arm workout for beginners. Alternatively you can use water bottles or lighter dumbbells. Click here to see the Simple Steps to start getting Results for free, Get free VIP-only Resources that make it easy to Burn Fat & Feel Fabulous, Click here to Start your Free Metabolic Analysis & training, Click Here to Burn Fat and Tone up with Quick and Easy Workouts made for Busy Women, Find the perfect Nutrition or Workout Program that's perfect for you. Trying to lower yourself too much can cause shoulder pain. Unfortunately, most of the arm workouts out there are too challenging for beginners. Im desperate to get this away though. Keeping body in one long line from shoulders to heels, bend elbows … Christina is a certified Holistic Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, & Holistic Fitness & Health Coach. New workouts, health hacks, recipes, motivation, exclusive workshops, and more. Exhale and push the weights up until your arms are extended overhead. I live unapologetically in yoga pants and coffee makes my world go round. Results using my Total Transformation Program. (That's gross in food & email form!). Here’s how to do your first classic push-up. Your email address will not be published. Ready? And I don't to spam. For the best results, follow a complete training program. Immediately curl the weights up to the side towards the outside of your shoulders. Performing it while kneeling, makes it easier. It's free. I just wanna know if you can also share some diet plan. All you need is a set of dumbbells and about 20 minutes. This workout targets your arms… But unfortunately, you can’t spot-reduce fat. Carve Big C’s in the sky. Do this workout 2 times a week. Lower Range Of Motion – Curl the weight halfway up, only completing the ‘bottom half’ of the exercise for 7 reps. Upper Range Of Motion – Start with the weight halfway up, curling up to the top then back halfway down, completing the ‘top half’ of the exercise, for 7 reps. Full Range Of Motion – Complete a bicep curl, using the full range of the exercise for 7 reps. Do all 21 reps to complete one set.