Perhaps the Chaos Gods raised their champions to daemonhood from the battles that raged amongst the flames. Compared to this confrontation -- the earth-shaking duel between the Three-Eyed King and the devil Sigmarite Valten was but a mere prelude. Archaon is the Lord of the End Times, the vessel through which the Dark Godswill unite their followers and turn the whole world into a Realm of Chaos. With that strike, the Slayer of Kings thundered into the Essence of Ghal Maraz and the hammer exploded into a thousand shards of light. The Everchosen won by unleashing the daemon U'zuhl from his sword, defeating the Grand Theogonist with a single blow and shattering his war altar. How unique is the name Archaon? They sailed to a mysterious land populated with savage half-humans. An ancient device, left from the age when the gods warred against the Old Ones; a device that, if properly coaxed, would unleash a rift to the Realm of Chaos, one similar in intensity to the two gateways that stood at either pole. Archaon is the Lord of the End Times, the vessel through which the Dark Gods will unite their followers and turn the whole world into a Realm of Chaos. The Norsemen still continued streaming onto the Magnusplitze, while their victory was all but assured at the Steilstrasse, there it was less a complete rout for their foes and more a grinding stalemate, given the timely arrival of the warriors of Zhufbarak who reinforced their red-haired cousins of Karak Kadrin. Decades after finding the Slayer of Kings, Archaon still had no clue as to the whereabouts of this ancient battle-helm. A throne stood at the back of the shrine, with a withered corpse sitting upon it. Matchless warriors of the Skullrage, legendary Norsii knights said to have fought at the side of Morkar the Uniter himself, duelled with the greatest Bretonnian knights. He renounced the gods of the south but still affirmed his hatred for the dark gods of his father, accepting the cruel destiny engineered for him as a final means to repay the Fates for the evil they had done upon him. It was at this very moment that Sigmar reunited with his hammer, Ghal Maraz, and faced Archaon alongside his Incarnates. Out of 6,028,151 records in the U.S. Social Security Administration public data, the first name Archaon was not present. This page lists mounts introduced in Total War: Warhammer. Although on its own it grants the bearer prophetic powers, when placed in the Crown of Domination it allows the bearer to predict and avoid the attacks of the enemy. It matters little, for the truth of those hopeless wars are lost. 2519 - 2528 IC However, as Archaon reached out to take it, the spirit of Morkar animated the armour and attacked him. Thus did Diederick become Archaon the Everchosen, the Three-Eyed King, greatest of all the Champions of Chaos. The Polemarch thereafter had only minor religious duties. Prophets: Michaiah, Nahum. The loss of Boris Todbringer in a foolish quest for vengeance severely weakened the great city, leaving it vulnerable to the massed Norse horde. Archaon is truly the "Herald of the Apocalypse," blessed with dreadful artefacts of ancient evil, each one bestowed as a reward for accomplishing impossible trials. The hellfire died away, leaving Archaon gravely injured and standing in a simple shrine. Above the charge of the Norscans flew the mightiest of their legendary shield-maidens -- the dauntless warrior-queen Valkia the Bloody, the "Bringer of Glory," she who carried the fallen to Khorne's halls. The World's Ending... and a New Beginning. With his victory over the Empire seemingly assured, Archaon led his victorious warriors back to Middenheim, where they would enact the final stages for the annihilation of the feculent world the Three-Eyed King had decreed was worthy only of death. However, the Daemon bound inside began to shriek with deafening volume. Archaon was tested by each of the Chaos Gods to see if he was truly worthy to be the Everchosen.