We offer 10 Round, 20 Round, 30 Round, 40 Round, and even 60 Round Drum magazines from the industries leading magazine manufacturers. There is a video on youtube where the guy kept some mags fully loaded and some, I believe, partially loaded for 5 years to see how the springs held up. I've used hex mags, troymags,and amend2 mags I have a built palmeto upper/anderson lower. AR-15 Magazines. MagLULA M-16 AR-15 StripLULA 10/rd Mag Loader & Unloader Black 5.56 .223 …(1.5oz) Loads 10, 20, 30, 40 & 100 round 5.56 / .223 magazines, like : * M4 / AR15 USGI (NATO STANAG 4179) * Magpul PMAG * H&K metal 416 / SA80 * Beretta AR 70-90 * Thermold * Orlite * SIG Arms (black mags) * Beta C-mag drum All-in-one 10/rd stripper clip and loose rounds magazine loader and… Another option is to attach two magazines together so that when one goes empty you can reload with the other one right there. hera front grip. If you’re shooting your AR in matches or classes or practicing dynamic shooting, you’re almost certain to drop them a time or four hundred. AR 15 Magazine Selection from Del-Ton, Inc. We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe. Do you have any experience with the Amend2 magazines? That’s why you’re reading this article. We'll even cover the cost of return shipping. 20 round ar15 polymer . In the past if you owned them before the ban you could keep them but now the CA Gestapo is going to confiscate them. Most people just want the look of the 30 round magazines while still being compliant of the law. Polymer mags can have windows in them so it’s super easy to see how many rounds you have left. Regular Price $19.99 Special Price $14.99. 10 round AR-15 Mag That Looks Like a 30 Rounder 04-13-2013, 01:44 PM. And yes, she finally cleans and maintains her own guns. JoeBob dun saved you $3.00! And for the metal magazine, take a look at Brownell’s 20-round mag. While I wouldn’t call their 60-round magazines as reliably as the Magpul drum, it is still very reliable and great to have. While you can always just buy the next bigger magazine of the brand you’ve chosen, sometimes you want just a few extra rounds available. 9AM-5PM CST Sun (Chat & Email Only), Magpul Industries PMAG 10 GEN M3 Magazine, AR-15/M4, .223/5.56, 10-Round, Black, MAG559-BLK, Magpul 10-round PMAG AR/M4 GEN M3 Magazine, 5.56X45mm NATO, 10-pack 250-004-604-KIT1, Magpul Industries PMAG 10 AR/M4 GEN M3 5.56X45mm NATO, Black MAG559-BLK. Eric Hung and Stanley already answered pretty well the question regarding spring durability. 99. My brother is more into shooting than I am, and the advice I glean from Pew Pew always makes me seem smarter to him than I really am. You can also extend their capacity or make them a little easier to use in different types of environments. One example is the. You can go with a 10-round AR mag that's ideal for hunting, Magpul AR 15 magazines for target practice or an AR 15 30-round magazine designed for more tactical training. Beta C-Mags, magazine couplers for your AR15, M16, M4 If they do, your feed lips may be out of spec. Premium 17-7 Stainless Steel Spring. Get proficient on YOUR time. The downside is that they’re not available for all models of magazines. It replaces the basepad on your magazine and, by making the whole thing a little longer, allows you to load a few extra rounds. I haven't seen just the shell for sale, sorry. They both come in 10, 20, and 30-round varieties, although the Brownells 10-round magazines are the same length as their 20-round magazines. Subscribe to Pew Pew Tactical's sales and deals email. Fax: +1-866-534-3097 They are ideal for that since you don't have the long magazine to contend with. Thirty round magazines have been banned for more than 15 years in CA. For a deep dive on the differences between the Gen 2 and Gen 3 PMAGS, check out Magpul PMAG M2 vs M3 [Does It Even Matter?]! Your choice of AR 15 magazines makes all the difference when it comes to using your rifle in distinct situations. That would be especially important for me if I had a rifle in .300 Blackout, which looks very similar to .223/5.56 but would be very dangerous to shoot out of a .223/5.56 rifle. Stick with mags like those described above, and you’ll have a much better day at the range. ", I do have to point out after enjoying this article, that ranger plates or more so the actual mag pull from Magpul were for quick extraction from magazine pouches. In some places, you’re only allowed to have a fixed magazine, so it’s best to check your local laws to make sure you’re not violating any assault weapons bans. If they don’t fall freely, then your magazine is out of spec. An easy, low-cost and high visibility way to label your magazines is to wrap a strip of duct tape around the bottom. February 14, 2020, by Huge selection of the most popular AR 15 Magazines. Matt S., The Hexmag Series 2 AR-15 10/30 Round Magazine is ideal for any sport, competitor or tactical shooters demanding superior strength, proven reliability and exceptional value. hera cc. Lancer also did something else different with the AWM. The original Magblock 10/30 MCL (Magazine Capacity Limiter) for Magpul 30 round Pmags in .223/5.56mm. What you’re trying to avoid is intentionally stomping on them, drop-kicking them across the range, or dropping them for fun (especially on the feed lips!). Magpul Windowed 30 Round PMAG Gen M3 .223/5.56 Magazine. Our Price: $ 18.99 Ruger Magazine Ruger 10/22, American Rimfire, Precision Rimfire 22 Long Rifle 5-Round Polymer Black. However, M2 PMAGs are often found for a decent amount cheaper and there isn’t anything wrong with them. You should try this with both empty and full magazines, although full magazines should be reserved for the range or when facing a safe direction that can adequately contain a rifle round in case of an oops moment. AR 15 20 Round Promag Polymer Magazine. AR 15 20 Round Promag Magazine. Gun Magazines & Clips . A reliable AR-15 magazine tailored to your unique needs and style is essential. I have purchased multiple and will be buying more. Thus, if it looks good – it is good. Cosmetics aren’t the only thing you can change about magazines. [Review]. 10 Round in 30 body PMAG Magazine. Now, we’ll be looking at another AR-10 magazine for the budget shopper. Out Of Stock. So the answer you’re looking for – is both. hfg. But if it is broken, the break will be obvious and you can discard the magazine. The rifle proved extremely accurate for a gas-operated weapon. The Hexmag HX AR-15 5.56x45 Magazine, Polymer Series 2 is a reliable mag that will keep you armed and ready for anything in the field.Hexmag crafted these Magazines from PolyHex2 Advanced Composite that's rugged yet lightweight, and each magazine is in a standard size body despite its 10-round capacity. I've heard of them...but haven't tried them out yet. Her passion is the craft of marksmanship, which she pursues as a representative of King Shooters Supply, Grayguns, and Race Street Range. The feed lips. Having a window makes it a little easier to tell how many rounds are left in your magazine, although the counts aren’t perfect. NEW PRODUCTS 22LR AR Conversion Kit, Mk57, w/3 Magazines, 25rd $229.95 ADD TO CART Streamlight, ProTac Railmount HL X (1,000 Lumens) $209.95 ADD TO CART MicroStream USB, Black $49.95 ADD TO CART ProTac 1L-1AA, Black $69.95 ADD TO CART AR15 CALIBER CONVERSIONS Upper Group Kit, Banshee™ 300, Mk57, 5.7 x 28mm, 3 40 Rd Mags … . If you’ve decided to do that, you’ll need a way to mark them so that you can keep track. The Hexmag HX AR-15 5.56x45 Magazine, Polymer Series 2 is a reliable mag that will keep you armed and ready for anything in the field.Hexmag crafted these Magazines from PolyHex2 Advanced Composite that's rugged yet lightweight, and each magazine is in a standard size body despite its 10-round capacity. You can find out more about Annette and what she's up to at, Best AR-15 Magazines: Standard, High-Capacity, 10-Round, The challenge with going magazine shopping is that there seem to be a, Unlike handguns, where you pretty much are stuck with what your manufacturer makes…, Perhaps the most popular AR magazine on the market, with the most name recognition, is the. They won’t fit in a standard magazine pocket, but they do fit in doubles like a charm. ArmaLite | AR-10 SuperSASS Gen II With chamberings such as 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Win., a choice of 20- or 22-inch stainless steel, match-grade … m agazine h3 gen.2. She started as a defensive shooter, became an instructor, then fell in love with competitive shooting.