The cooling fan battery pack and what looked like about six feet of cord was neatly packed inside a box. It was dead on perfect. I took it outside while still daylight and aligned the finder scope on a cell tower about a mile and a half away. It doubles the magnification of the eyepieces, so effectively doubles the number of eyepieces you have. I went for The Apertura, because the last Dobsonian telescope I owned was an Apertura 8" "Tweaker's Special" - It was awesome. I could see the double stars and the nebulosity was easy to see even without adverted vision. Our pick for best computerized refractor telescope – boasting high-end magnification and a huge 150mm aperture. The Gskyer telescope carefully treads the line between affordability and quality really well. It probably didn’t need this long due to the outside temperature only varying about 18 degrees from my 70 degree inside temperature but I took this opportunity to inspect the eyepieces and other accessories. However, if you want to optimize your viewing experience you’ll need to invest in a better-quality eyepiece. I next used my Celestron 32mm Omni and viewed the Eskimo Nebula. The nebula was almost breathtaking as it displayed a clearly visible greenish hue and was super clear. I made two trips, one for the base and then the OTA. It was encased in a Styrofoam sarcophagus. I ordered a new Apertura 10" Dobsonian telescope, along with an additional eyepiece. Don’t let its massive size fool you, this 12-inch Dobsonian telescope, from Orion, has … So bright in fact that I pulled out my blue filter and with it I could easily see the cloud bands and four moons in sharp clarity. Figure 1. It’s a white and black beauty which measures at about 24.8 x 4.92 x 8.46 inches. A refractor telescope is the heaviest option; we recommend this type for people who don’t plan to move their telescope very much. See why top telescope brands like Apertura are rated 5 stars. The laser had it back in perfect alignment within minutes and I double checked it with a Cheshire Tool. I took me around 40 minutes to assemble both the base and place the accessories on the OTA including drilling the hole for the guide knob and removing the secondary mirror to install the “milk jug” washers and to install the thumb screws. The zoom lets you explore your target over a wide range of magnifications without having to change eyepieces. Celestron PowerSeeker 70EQ Telescope: $129.95 $117.28 at Amazon. Shop for a new Apertura Dobsonian telescope and Apertura accessories from High Point today. Community Forum Software by IP.BoardLicensed to: Cloudy Nights, Article: Review of the Apertura AD10 10" Dobsonian, This is not recommended for shared computers. After dark, it was time to line up the Rigel and GLP in which I used Sirius as my target. Upon opening both boxes I found that both had been packaged well with extra attention paid to the OTA. I let it set outside for about an hour with the fan running. Several functions may not work. Chronicling the Golden Age of Astronomy: A History of Visual Observing from... sslcm56, silodweller and bnpatelchemistry like this. Orion 9005 AstroView 120ST Equatorial Refractor Telescope. I inspected the contents of both boxes and everything was present and accounted for as far as hardware. Our pick for best mid-range manual … The accessories were in their individual boxes including the 8x50 finder scope which was in its own box with a foam cut-out with the scope resting in it and a foam blanket covering it, the laser collimator had its own box and despite what I’ve read on the internet about the questionable quality of this item, I found a rather well built laser collimator, again in its own box, included with a 2” sleeve adapter. I then tried out the 9mm Plossl and could see the Trapezium with tack-sharp stars and the star color was so vivid and crisp!