Amtico’s luxury vinyl tile products can also help keep energy costs lower because it feels warmer underfoot in your home. The Amtico Click collection is an easy-fit and performance flooring that does not require adhesive. Carpet and Flooring Online is the online branch of Premier Carpet & Flooring with two retail showrooms in the West Midlands. Hardwood can be durable, but it requires more work to keep it that way. Here's a little more information about the most popular Amtico luxury vinyl tile ranges which will hopefully help you if you are still in the process of researching your new dream flooring. 100 percent vinyl material made to look like natural wood, Dent, scuff, stain, and scratch resistant, You can browse our range of wood flooring effect luxury vinyl tiles by visiting. Using regular cleaning products can wear down the polish and finish. Amtico offers an unrivalled choice of flooring options, allowing you to effortlessly introduce colour and pattern to your home. Amtico LVT offers a wide variety of features, including: Because it is one hundred percent vinyl and recyclable, LVT satisfies green building standards and, where it is used in commercial developments, can help earn LEED points. Beautiful wood flooring designs from Amtico. The new range, Amtico Form, is as functional as it is beautiful, and guaranteed for a minimum of 25 years. Natural wood options can be used in commercial and residential places, but you must consider the constant upkeep they will require. Our links and long-standing relationship with Amtico flooring means that we can provide fast UK delivery and a knowledgable technical team to discuss your amtico product and installation queries. It uses salt, an abundant resource, as one of its main components. The Amtico range of luxury vinyl tile offers a number of beautifully designed collections to select from. Alongside this longer term considerations are costs to maintain and cleaning products for your floor, where again luxury vinyl tile can offer better value for money. , which introduces out collections for home and for commercial use. Likewise, it may not be hygienic or durable and can stain or warp easily. Cleaning and maintenance is substantially easier with a luxury vinyl tile floor. To back this up Amtico provide long lasting warranties. Advantages of picking an LVT floor, over a natural floor, include: In choosing a high-quality wood floor finish LVT, many people would not be able to tell the difference from a natural wood floor, making it a cost-effective alternative to hardwood. Likewise, the Access collection can improve the acoustics of the room, while the Signature 36+ collection offers slip resistance and more safety and security while walking across the floor. Wood flooring is seen as one of the most favourable choices for homeowners because it is timeless and classic. Find it here and in our shops from £37 per square metre. Supplying Luxury Vinyl Flooring to the trade & public since 1994. Amtico vinyl floor tiles are designed and made in Britain (Coventry to be precise), and are renowned globally as one of the UK's most respected, design-led flooring brands. You can create a focal point on the floor, add definition, style and sophistication, all while keeping the same product and tone. When considering your flooring solution, luxury vinyl tile can offer a more cost effective route than natural wood floor both in terms of buying the materials and installation. Amitco offers a huge range of flooring possibilities and three key luxury vinyl flooring collections: Amtico Spacia (elegant and effortless flooring), Amtico Form (an enduring collection of textured woods and stone), and Amtico Signature (versatility and choice through many unique layering patterns). means the hardness of the floor, especially the top layer. Understanding the difference between luxury vinyl tile and hardwood floors is the first step to determining what is best for your home and needs. However, wood is extremely hard to care for, especially in a country where the weather can be so changeable. Browse our large selection of Amtico Parquet flooring at discount prices. Now, you aren't limited in commercial settings to laminate or vinyl tiles, allowing you to create a warm and calming space in hospitals, retail centres and shops, restaurants and more. It uses a high-tech photographic image layer which goes between the clear layer and backing to create a wood finish effect. Amtico flooring are the ultimate British flooring specialists, designing and manufacturing stunning luxury vinyl floor tiles for the home. Our floors are easily and quickly cleaned using one of our supporting cleaning products, and we offer a wider range of cleaning products to keep your Amtico floor beautiful in the long term. As such, you do not need to change the entire scheme of the room, including colours, decorations,and furniture, to use this flooring option. This makes it unsuitable for bathrooms and kitchens, however, a wood effect LVT can be used anywhere in the house or office. Alongside this Amtico design motifs, borders and stripping options, allowing endless customisation features. Replanting and regrowing the forests is nearly impossible, especially at the rate needed to continuously have trees to cut while maintaining the ecosystem. Amtico is a luxury, specialist product which requires expert installation in order for your warranty to be valid. It is easy to clean, has environmental benefit and can be adapted for a great variety of uses. Your sample has been added to your basket. Natural wood, while beautiful, does not present a practical choice for many commercial business and homeowners. Wood is a porous material and as such it is more susceptible to climate change and liquid. Alongside this, wood flooring requires specialised cleaning materials, including cleaning solutions designed for wood, and soft-head mops. For example, if you have a room focal point or feature, you can put a motif on the floor where it will sit, creating a striking contrast. They are often used interchangeably but they do mean different things. As an authorised retailer we are not permitted to sell Amtico flooring online without first talking to you. Please call us on 01905 954045 to discuss your requirements and we will be delighted to give you our most competitive price. LVT, on the other hand, is a better solution for your next flooring project. It reduces the need for further deforestation specifically for the purpose of creating natural wood flooring. You can still have the character and graining effect of hardwood with luxury vinyl tile flooring. It is also water-resistant and can be used in bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens. LVT gives you high-quality floors making it an excellent way to achieve the beauty and sophistication your home or project deserves. You can buy the full range of Amtico flooring including Amtico Spacia, Amtico Signature and Amtico Form vinyl floor tiles from Carpet & Flooring Online. Karndean is very similar to Amtico – they are both aimed at the upper end of the vinyl flooring market, and are both created and used in similar ways. With manufacturing and photography techniques, LVT can offer layer texturization, meaning that the planks look and feel like wood. Visit the website for more details. Stripping can come in a variety of sizes, from an extremely thin line to a wider, broader line. Motifs can range from circles to squares, zig-zags, stars and more, allowing you to place it wherever you want. The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience. Stability is determined by the thickness of the piece or layers, as well as the quality of materials used. In addition, natural wood is more prone to termite attacks and has to be maintained and checked periodically for termite infestations. Request a Sample. We are proud to be a long-standing Amtico One Retailer with years of specialist experience supplying and fitting Amtico luxury vinyl flooring, so you can rest assured that you're buying genuine Amtico flooring from a trusted and authorised Amtico retailer. In addition, Amtico flooring meets or exceeds all the requirements for commercial use, including flammability codes, slip resistant requirements and other regulatory needs. Because natural wood utilises a polyurethane coating, it can wear easily and will need to have the layer removed and replaced. Welcome to Amtico Flooring. s also worth noting that newer technology makes it tougher to distinguish between LVT and hardwood. Amtico are true believers in happy flooring, so their entire range of luxury vinyl flooring comes with a minimum 25-year warranty. Hardwood is seemingly durable and stable, but in fact is not without additional effort. Natural wood also requires specialised cleaning products. How Amtico compares with other flooring materials Amtico v Karndean.