Stores user settings when accessing a Youtube video embedded on external websites. Although both oaks have quite similar tones, European oak has a much darker complexion than American oak. This process allows. ‘1, fill’ doesn't mean the original filling of the cask with bourbon, sherry or port, but the first Scotch malt whisky that's filled into a cask. The following cookies and technologies are required for the core functionalities of our website and online shops. Registers a unique ID for storing statistics on YouTube videos watched by a user. American oak gives a softer, sweeter taste with notes of vanilla and caramel, while European oak is spicier and has a stronger wood input. Introduction to the Cask Maturation of Whisky, A Traditional Product from Modern Production, Production and Preparation of Whisky Casks, A distillery Tour through the old Midelton Distillery, The Development of the Individual Taste and the Significance of Guided Whisky Tastings, 7 Peculiarities about the Whisky Industry, Study on the Chill Filtration of Scotch Single Malt Whiskies, Differences between Original Bottlings and Independent Bottlings, Summary Independent Bottlings vs Original Bottlings, Peated Sherry and Wine Cask Matured Whiskies, fill casks are therefore most interesting. The European oak is planted for forestry, and produces a long-lasting and durable heartwood, much in demand for interior floor and furniture work. An oiled floor never needs to be sanded, only regular applications of a maintenance oil are necessary to nourish the wood and bring the luster back ( Learn about 0% VOC hand oiled collections from Castle Bespoke). This 1. fill extracts the strongest flavours from the wood. American oak on the other hand is typically cut using three main sawing methods, plain, rift or quartered. Heading to Japan, the type of oak that has been literally and figuratively on the tip of many drinker’s tongues as of late is Quercus mongolica, Mongolian oak, or as whisky lovers know it, mizunara oak. Manage details and settings for cookies and third party providers. An oiled floor never needs to be sanded, only regular applications of a maintenance oil are necessary to nourish the wood and bring the luster back, Though both European and American white oak are durable and strong, European oak, grows taller than the average American oak species and is often used for specialty longer length and wider floor planks, All Rights Reserved 2020 - Castle Bespoke Flooring, (Check out Castle Bespoke European white oak wide plank flooring products for ideas for your new floor). This gives the flooring a beautiful look while allowing  different cuts of hardwood log to be showcased on the planks. European white oak (Quercus Robur/Petrea) commonly known as common oak is a temperate hardwood native to Europe west of the Caucasus in countries like Germany, Poland, France and England. The first choice is the type of oak to be used. Please be aware that this content as well as the processing of your user data when clicking on this link is outside of's responsibility and potentially not subject to the General Data Protection Regulation anymore. European Oak is darker with a naturally rich golden honey hue, while American Oak is lighter and more yellow in colour with the occasional pinkish hue. European and American white oak might look similar but they are much different in terms of color, grain pattern and how they absorb stains and finish. Both species are considered ‘white’ oaks, but American oak also comes in ‘red’ oak. Ex-bourbon q alba imports increased heavily about 1950-1960s. Other types of wood emit unpleasant flavours that make the whisky awkward or even unenjoyable. The World’s Most Elusive Oak. American oak (Quercus Alba) is also a temperate hardwood predominantly found in Eastern North America in regions of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ontario, Quebec, and southern Main . Attempts to calculate the user's network bandwidth on pages with embedded YouTube videos. French oak is used to age wine and cognac. However, both American and European oak have enough density to be sawn instead of hand split. European oak has a warm golden brown color whereas American oak has subtly lighter with reddish tones. American white oak has greater inherent fiber strength making it denser compared to European white oak .