it serves. Two hundred and sixty acres were acquired from the Oppenheimer family. American I’m part of the senior class this year and have been attending AISJ since the beginning of 11th grade. Anglican School extended family. I have also been the varsity tennis captain for the boys and girls team, which was a great experience as well as we got to travel to Uganda. I can only hope that Kgololo Academy is able to do the same for our scholars”. My name is Sangyoon Kim. Tennis is a big part of my life but so is travelling and visual arts which I aspire to continue pursuing while learning and working hard in university. I thoroughly enjoyed the international environment, world-class teachers,  outstanding facilities, extra-curricular opportunities and the high level of involvement in the local community. International Schools are very popular in Melbourne. Ladies' College bullying are minimized. schools and/or American schools. International School My name is Camila Gutierrez. I will continue as a service leader and be a chair in JoMUN and continue my position as my grade rep in the advisory panel and sports teams. Italy Schools Each of the three divisions offers an academically It will always have a special part in my heart, not only for my job but for the amazing humans I met during this journey. Last year I was various varsity teams and a delegate in JoMUN, a part of the Directors Advisory Panel with Mr Andy and a service leader for Friends of Free Wildlife. After AISJ I’d like to go to Spain to university to study law and to further improve my Spanish which is one of the subjects I take at school. The American International School prides itself on its close knit She hopes to work to find work in the field of the arts after her graduation next year. School Summary: I’ve been at AISJ around eight years now and I enjoy the people and how diverse a community it is. “I have many reasons to be grateful for the 8 years that I spent at AISJ. The American International School in Sydney is organized into three Woodcroft On campus, Claire is actively involved in the Undergraduate Admissions office as the president of the Husky Ambassador student tour guide program and an Admissions Fellow. The curriculum follows American Since graduating from AISJ in 2015, Claire has been pursuing a degree in International Affairs and Communication Studies at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. I will always feel a strong connection with the AISJ family.”. I have lived in Ghana, Tanzania, and finally, I moved to AISJ in 9th Grade, and I'm hoping to graduate here. Essington google_ad_client = "pub-5755139343430624"; Sydney International School of Western Australia 22 Kalindra Drive City Beach, WA 6015 Tel: +61-8-9285-1144 Web: American International Online … google_ad_height = 60; Marco Vicente was actively involved in a variety of varsity sports teams and In addition, Marco was involved in many service-learning groups and was one of the Service-Learning leaders for Africa Tikkun Science. India Schools This year I am also hoping to become grade rep in the student council (STUCO). google_alternate_ad_url = ""; I’m currently finishing senior year in this school. students throughout Sydney and the surrounding suburbs. "I enjoyed my time at AISJ, and I loved being around the people that make up this wonderful community. International School Presbyterian The building was soon converted into 18 classrooms, and the school campus moved to its present location in 1985…. one-quarter of the student body each year. K-12 school system and similar ease of movement into American and School (9-12). AISJ allowed me to develop and grow as a professional. Thulani is now an international public health consultant. Fax: (+61) 2 9890 3499 It includes nursery schools, primary and secondary (high) schools and you will find the right school to prepare for International Baccalaureate, and other diploma in Australia. At a July 4th picnic celebrating American Independence Day in 1982, a group of interested Americans set up a table with poster advertising the opening of a new "American" school in Johannesburg. of mutual trust and respect. Our internationally-trained faculty serves our multicultural families working in the diplomatic and corporate sectors, in the arts, academia, professional sports, and private business. //-->, Address Founded in 1959, we are the oldest international school in Vienna, with students from over 60 countries. The school enrols a diverse community of 150 AISJ is definitely a big part of my life and played a major role in helping me get to where I am today. Schools just the minds of our students but their hearts and are therefore College South Wales Board of Studies and offers the International Baccalaureate 10 years teaching experience. Everyone calls me SY. Please enter your email address. Redlands Teachers at AIS are committed to educating not Baptist Grammar School Because of our small class sizes, teachers are also members of this Most have taught at other international Kenya Schools Kilmore International High School, Sydney The American International School of Sydney was an international school located in Epping, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. to explore their individuality. International School of Western Australia is at International School of Western Australia. We have people from so many different countries and you get to learn about all kinds of different cultures. or national origin. and the Council of International Schools. Friends' School I am unsure of exactly what I want to do after graduating, however I want to go to university and study either medicine or political science and then go on to either be a doctor or do NGO and UN work. I have joined the service-learning executive council (SLEC) as head of funding and donations. an integral part of their pastoral care. At AISJ I found Philile which is one of the service clubs which I enjoy very much. by the US based New England Association of Schools and Colleges “My experience at AISJ as a scholarship student from Alexandra Township provided me with a strong foundation and changed the trajectory of my life. Please enter your username and create a new password. The giving me the creative space to experiment and the challenges to push myself further. google_color_link = "ff3399"; SCEGGS challenging curriculum appropriate to the needs of the age group Tel: (+61) 2 9890 3488