Related Topics: More Lessons for Grade 8 ... For more difficult questions, the child may be encouraged to work out the problem on a piece of paper before entering the solution. Preview. Every word problem has an unknown number. Teachers. We hope that the kids will also love the fun stuff and puzzles. Hope you had fun solving these algebra word problems. A different question each day, from all subjects. Report a problem. Hard algebra word problems. Every question has a worked solution. Solving Word Problems using Algebra (Worksheets) Objective: I know how to solve word problems using algebra. Author: Created by Maths4Everyone. Categories & Ages. The sample GMAT Problem Solving questions are often at the top of the article, although sometimes they are further down in the text. GCSE 9-1 Exam Question Practice (Creating and Solving Equations) 5 30 customer reviews. The total number of sample Problem Solving problems available from this page is far more than 37, the total number of math questions you will see on a full Quantitative section of the GMAT. In this problem, it is the price of the blouse. ... algebra-problems-solutions. Other algebra word problems/related topics: Homepage. Students. Let x, then, be how much she spent for the blouse. Algebra word problems. Always let x represent the unknown number. That is, let x answer the question. Believe it or not, this "math" question actually requires no math whatsoever. This tricky math problem went viral a few years back after it appeared on an entrance exam in Hong Kong… for six-year-olds. Supposedly the students had just 20 seconds to solve the problem! Answer: 87. Created: May 17, 2018 | Updated: Feb 5, 2020. The problem states that "This" -- that is, $42 -- … Add spice to the day. Algebra lessons. Math Word Problems. Mathematics; Mathematics / Algebra; Follow the question's "help" link, try your answer, then see our solution. Start your class with a question, … Access the answers to hundreds of Math Word Problems questions that are explained in a way that's easy for you to understand. The algebra word problems I solved above are typical questions. Learn mathematics one day at a time. Get help with your Math Word Problems homework. You will encounter them a lot in algebra.