A formula is included in the function to calculate the ACCELaero is spread over a broad range of customer and business management pillars. Aviation regulations require that an operator must record a complete history of all maintenance and overhaul records of an aircraft/component and the ENVISION nGen Fleet Management solution efficiently manages these requirements. The key features offered by Videcom…, • Airline hosting system and services • Airline inventory hosting and management • Airline scheduling • Fares engine • Reservation/booking management • Direct travel agent reservation • Reservation reporting modules • Mobile phone bookings • Manage my bookings • Frequent travellers. PAT RESEARCH is a leading provider of software and services selection, with a host of resources and services. Kiu system provides tailor-made solutions for each airline despite the size and business model by providing an excellent platform for commercial, optimizing operations, and managing of financial and administrative aspects in any business model. Why not get it straight and right from the original source. The airport departure control provided by Videcom provides a standard solution that is provide a very easy to use and intuitive interface for accessing reservations in real-time and rapid check-in for passengers. Navitaire provides traditional GDS platform, codeshare links, and interlines carriers to enable you optimize and extend the reach of your airline company. © projectworlds | Free Projects and Free Learnings 2020, Advance Online Examination php project ( ₹501), School Billing System Project in PHP ( ₹501), GST billing System Project in PHP ( ₹501), Online Movie Ticket Booking System in php ( ₹501), Online Banking System Project in PHP ( ₹501), Online Food Ordering System In PHP ( ₹501), Online Art Gallery Shop Project in PHP ( ₹501), Online Crime Reporting System Project in PHP ( ₹501), Placement Management System Project in PHP ( ₹301), Online Examination System Project in Php MYSQL, Android Attendance System App Source Code, Android Calculator App Project Source Code, Android Weather App Project With Source Code. For both an airline that manages its own internal…, • Fleet Management • Base Management • Line Maintenance • Component Maintenance • Material and Financial management • Resource Management • Flight Operations • Quality & Safety, Rusada Aviaton MRO Technologies provides the Maintenance & Engineering Technology Solutions for the Aviation Sector, Crane PAX is an airline and travel IT solution provider with a focus of changing the trends of the aviation industry by providing fast, cost efficient, and smart solutions. opportunity to maintain and update listing of their products and even get leads. Amadeus Altéa Suite, Videcom, Rusada, Crane PAX, Merlot.aero, AeroCRS, ACCELaero, Radixx Galaxy, Navitaire, Zenith, ameliaRES, AirCore, Kiu, SITA Horizon are some of the best examples of Airline Reservation System. SITA Horizon provides an excellent platform for flexible selling and responsive design by having an agile design and control of airline. This Project useful for Engineering, Diploma, BCA, MCA, BscIT and MscIT students for their Final Semester . Nwabrije Ugochukwu Emmanuel Airline Reservation System. The key features offered by Amadeus Altea Suite include; reservation, inventory, departure control system, ticketing platform, ticketing changer, and ticket changer distribution. In order to eliminate the errors of the previous system, a superb application has been developed due to which the user need not to waste his valuable time in booking, the ticket and instead of server is built that takes care of every action thereby reducing the size &  effort of all users. The airline reservation system is a web-based booking solution that helps in consolidating data from all airlines through the use of global distribution systems. SITA Horizon provides the self-administered code share package that enables airlines to manage their processes, configuration, business rules, parameters, product definitions, and work flows. Navitaire also provides unrivaled agility and flexibility that facilitate bypassing the limitations of an outdated technical infrastructure. All of the features come from aero. Zenith is an airline reservation system and airport departure control system that fulfills the requirements of low cost carriers and positioning them in highly competitive market by providing them with fully and complete integrated solutions. Kiu system provides flexibility, scalability, and real-time information that facilitates optimizing of airline structure and boost profits. The main features offered by Radixx Galaxy…, • Product overview • Integrated merchandising • Global distribution • eCommerce • Call center • Travel agency portal • Departure control • Alternative distribution • Frequent flyer program. Airline Reservation System” main aim is to provide the online ticket & seat reservation of National and International Flights and also give us the information about flight departures. Amadeus Altéa Suite, Videcom, Rusada, Crane PAX, Merlot.aero, AeroCRS, ACCELaero, Radixx Galaxy, Navitaire, Zenith, ameliaRES, AirCore, Kiu, SITA Horizon are some of the Top Airline Reservation System. SITA Horizon is a passenger management distribution platform that provides most sophisticated range of passenger management services. When we open the first page of this project we can find the basic information (basic fair & discounts) about today flight timings. Crane PAX is a complete software suite in the airline industry that provides 24/7 multi-lingual support, turnkey solutions, transparent pricing, and flexible integration. AirCore also ensures that your data is secure for use in the future. By clicking Sign In with Social Media, you agree to let PAT RESEARCH store, use and/or disclose your Social Media profile and email address in accordance with the PAT RESEARCH  Privacy Policy  and agree to the  Terms of Use. We offer vendors absolutely FREE! 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