I’ve been working with Rusty for 19 years and his passion for trucking has always impressed me. When Jack White, a father of two, began planning a vacation for his family, he ruled out the traditional destinations like the Grand Canyon and Walt Disney World®, and focused on a more exotic locale: China. They are out in the field every day keeping the economy going. When we talked with Jack about the reasons behind this decision he said, “I wanted to expose my teen-aged kids to a totally different culture, and wanted to give them an experience they’d never forget. Travel companies can expect to see increased demand for unique destinations and authentic experiences in Asia, Africa, and Central and South America. When the provinces of Ontario and Quebec announced lockdowns in late March due to COVID-19, WEX supported AllCard in their efforts to gain “essential service provider” exemptions from the lockdowns. It just so happened that he’d hit the road on a day when people in the area were beginning to be concerned about the spread of the coronavirus. These numbers represent travelers, like the Whites, who are looking for “the trip of a lifetime,” as well as those who more regularly seek out adventure, including millennials. Love’s has shown their appreciation for truck drivers who are out on the roads today in various ways: “The major truck stop chains have always been an invaluable resource for truck drivers and have become even more important during the COVID-19 pandemic. Adventure Travel Takes Off This was what Jason Miller was hauling when he ended up with Vienna Sausages for dinner a few weeks ago. For travel companies booking these services, it is important to find an efficient way to pay these suppliers. Focusing on diversity also means focusing on inclusion. They are paying high rates to haul, which had included bonuses, but there are no longer offering bonuses. TA also provides a mobile app, TruckSmart, for truckers which allows them to reserve and pay for showers and parking right from the app. Jessica used WEX’s TransAct Global (TAG), a proprietary processor of WEX, which allowed her to provide immediate results for Tenet. As Cook describes it, “With WEX’s flexible technology, we are able to create a virtual card instantaneously. We focus on supporting the travel industry with outfitting solutions in Africa, Asia, and the Americas - where we have our own in-country operations for trekking and adventure programs. Together, these types of travelers are part of a category called “adventure travel,” which has rapidly moved from a niche market into the mainstream. Miller ended up picking up a can of Libby’s Vienna Sausages at a local convenience store to satisfy his hunger for the night: that was dinner. A lot of our contracts involve making deliveries to places like McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, and Burger King distributers. The Adventure Tourism Innovation Partnerships (AVIP) project aims to deliver high quality, highly relevant high level education and skills that support retention of high calibre staff in peripheral/rural regions. A WEX customer, Tenet Health, is a healthcare services company based in Dallas, Texas providing essential services during this pandemic. Due to COVID-19 and the increase in the need for medical equipment and supplies, Tenet was running into supply shortages with their existing vendors. Although we are spatially apart we have grown closer as a team through daily online huddles as well as sharing momentous pictures of our home life and pets. Mercer now has 2,300 independent contractors hauling freight for them. We are increasing our cleaning frequency and continue to use best-in-class, food-safe cleaners to disinfect common touchpoints within the restaurants and travel centers. Get the latest Travel Payments Insights news in your inbox. For US travelers, Asia, Africa, and South America are particularly popular. Whether you look at adventure travel specifically, or international travel as a whole, the trend shows a continued increase in travel to previously less-traveled areas. They turned to WEX to help resolve their supply chain dilemma so they could continue to care for their patients during this difficult time. These guys started up a trucking company and they had zero trucks. As Ontario was looking to shut down non-essential services our newest partner, AllCard, reached out to us on March 23rd to provide support to obtain “essential service provider” status. In compliance of the new GDPR framework, please note that the Partnership will only process your personal data in the sole interest and purpose of the project and without any prejudice to your rights, Adventure Tourism Regional Innovation Partnership Plans, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Because they are a small operation, it’s all hands on deck: they don’t have the bandwidth to provide back-up if people are not able to come into work. We are following individual state mandates regarding closures of full-service restaurant dining and are continuing carry-out services in these areas where we are able.”. These include showers, restrooms, registers, doorknobs, tables, menus, chairs, booths, counters, and all dishes, utensils and cooking surfaces. Humans are traveling from ancient time for the searching for foods, and for many survival reasons. A lot of our contracts involve making deliveries to places like McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, and Burger King distributers. It can be easy to get caught up in a routine or a silo at WEX, but NexGen has given me the opportunity to connect with people in other functional areas that I otherwise would have never met.”. During this pandemic, it can provide drivers with a feeling of comfort and security to know that places like TA are open and welcoming them in as they continue to work hard out there providing essential services for those of us sheltering in place.