Here are some reasons to use mobile … Mobile Marketing is Very Now. Mobile marketing differs significantly from desktop web marketing: Desktop searches are usually about things people plan to do in the future, whereas mobile … Through mobile marketing, you can reach to your target audience easily; at any time and place. Here are 8 benefits of mobile marketing that your business can enjoy if you jump in today: 1. Let this advantage be your gateway into the mobile marketing world. However, a lot of thought and experience needs to be put behind a mobile marketing … By Frank Powell. Marketing; Mobile Marketing: Advantages and Disadvantages. As marketers engage customers on their mobile devices, it is important that they focus on the five advantages that mobile marketing has over traditional Web marketing. Mobile Marketing can increase your app installations significantly. Studies show that on average, people check their phones 34 times a day, which gives marketers an advantage to advertise products and services. It hardly matters whether they are in the office, home, at a beach; they have their mobile … Businesses that have active mobile marketing campaigns can take advantage of this: Search engine optimization and an easily navigable website can give your business an edge when the … Benefits of Mobile Marketing Precise Targeting. For the past few years, there has been strong growth in mobile marketing and this trend will continue.