You'll have to check the mobo manual to know which it is. See the header pinout configuration below for connecting a chassis with Intel® High Definition Audio (Intel® HD Audio) or AC'97 (Audio Codec '97) audio. The marking "AAFP" leads me to believe that it's an Azalia output. the motherboard has HD-Audio but the front panel is the usual AC97 standard. I have an Asus P6T motherboard with an onboard audio connector that supports either AC97 or HD Audio. Integrated audio is implemented with the AC'97 Codec on the motherboard, a Communications and Networking Riser card, or an audio/modem riser card. When you connected the audio cable from your case to the AAFP header on the motherboard did you connect the AC-97 connector or HD Audio connector ? My Antec nine hundred case has a couple audio ports on the front of it and a single audio wire to connect to the motherboard which has both AC97 and HD Audio connectors on the end of the wire, and the manual says to use one or the other. (Azalia Audio Front Panel) If that's the case, and your front panel is an HD panel, the audio won't work. Technically, there are two pinout standards for that audio header; HD and Azalia. I have a problem with my computer. Even cases that come with front panels fitted with both HD and AC'97 audio plugs for the motherboard will not mute these speakers as the jack sockets are still the type used for AC'97, meaning that the required muting signals are never received by the audio chip on the motherboard. i just got a new case.. an s340 elite.. the front audio cable is only a hd audio connector there isnt a regular ac-97 at all. win xp. For HD (high definition) audio, normally it's backward compatible with AC97 audio, please check your mother-board manual to confirm. This cable consists of headphone and microphone ports, designed to work with Intel Front Panel Audio / AC97 header.. 24 Apr 2010 #2: zaratustra06. HD Audio is superior to AC-97. My case has both connectors on one cable is why I ask. My System Specs . Plugging of headphone on the front panel disconnects the motherboard's speaker socket located at the back of the PC. For HD audio front panel modules. 04-10-2017 03:17 AM #5. Pin: Signal: Description : Pin: Signal: Description: 1: PORT 1L: Analog Port 1—left channel (Microphone) 2: GND: … In 2004, Intel released Intel High Definition Audio (HD Audio) which is a successor that is not backward compatible with AC'97. 5 posts Great info, just what I searched for. … You can change the BIOS config so the front panel audio connector acts as an AC97 one, but then the problem is the speakers connected to the back keep playing even if you connect a set of headphones to the front panel. To avoid this, some motherboards allow choosing between HDA and AC'97 front panels in the BIOS. Hi! Like AC'97, HD Audio is a specification that defines the architecture, link frame format, ... An AC'97 motherboard with an HDA dongle will route the AC'97 5 V audio supply (pin 7; silence) to the speakers instead of the desired left and right audio signals. Note: HD Audio headers are pin-compatible with AC'97 chassis and connectors.