Rudy is an Elite Sports Nutritionist & Trainer working with Hollywood Celebrities, Elite Athletes, NBA players, WWE, Gold Medalists, World Record Holders, Models, Bikini / Fitness Competitors and Pro Bodybuilders. Journal of applied physiology, 78(3), 867-874. Finally, green tea also works to reduce your hunger and appetite, which can cause a massive boost in fat loss if it helps you reduce your total daily calorie intake. Human kinetics. When buying a probiotic, you must find a high strength one which provides 15 billion live bacteria per day, along with the top 2-3 research proven strains. 12.) In addition, green tea also increases the proportion of fat you burn as fuel (15)! Research has also shown that high fiber diets may increase feelings of fullness in a given meal; again, this makes you less likely to over eat or quit your diet during the 90 day transformation (4). (2012). The information on this website is for entertainment purposes only and should not be seen as a substitute for working with a qualified professional. In addition, high fibrous foods are typically low energy dense foods which have other benefits discussed above. If you’re ready to act now and transform your body in 90 days, then you’ve come to the right spot. International journal of obesity, 21(8), 637-643. Transforming your body is a very complex process; however, I’ve given you a basic overview of all the key tools you will want to master to transform. He now works closely with a variety of professional athletes and teams, including the NBA, USA Athletics, World Triathlon Gold Medalists, Hollywood Celebrities and IFBB Pro Bodybuilders. Join 1000s of Females & Find the Best Plan for YOU, based on your Goals, Metabolism, Body type & Hormones, Determining Caloric Needs For Any Transformation, 4 Advanced Techniques For Fast And Effective Workouts, Back To Basics: Your Guide To A Sexy Back, 5 Fitness Mistakes I Wish My Clients Would Avoid, proven carb cycling 90-day diet plan here, Getting Back Into Fitness After Having A Baby, Diet and Nutrition Plan for a Bikini Body, Bikini Contest or Fitness Contest (with PDF), How to Exercise Around the Menopause to Achieve Your Fitness & Physique Goals (Evidence Based), 8 Reasons Intermittent Fasting Should Be Your Next Diet, 10 Strategies To Boost Daily Energy Immediately, Nutrition For Females: Why Women Should Eat Differently (You’ve Been Lied To! The American journal of clinical nutrition, 51(5), 759-767. Follow Rudy on Instagram >>. Nutrition, 21(3), 411-418. B. The hardest part of dieting is that typically when you restrict calories you struggle to feel full and so crave bad food. (1,2, 3). What Are The Best Workouts for Weight Loss? 2.) Body Transformation For Women: Only 90 Days to a New Bod! Like with calories, you can base this on bodyweight and consume 1g per 1lb bodyweight (i.e. Supplements are the final piece to the puzzle that can aid in weight loss! The best part is both strategies have been proven to aid in fat loss but also to allow more dietary flexibility and enjoyment. Effect of dietary fish oil on body fat mass and basal fat oxidation in healthy adults. Whey protein is another great supplement to take during your physique transformation. Caffeine: a double-blind, placebo-controlled study of its thermogenic, metabolic, and cardiovascular effects in healthy volunteers. It has also increased fat burning hormones by over 1000% (yes, 10x higher!!). 8.) Green Tea For Weight Loss – Does It Really Work? Influence of resistance exercise on lean body mass in aging adults: a meta-analysis. Firstly, green tea increases your metabolism, resulting in an increased amount of calories being burned daily. (1990). Aim for 30-40g of protein per meal; this should equate to around 130-200g of protein per day. I don’t promise results, I guarantee them! 6.) Optimizing both strategies can, however, be complex, since it’s a fine line between beneficial results and overspill or excessive fat storage, (something I break down in detail during my 90 Day Bikini plan) – if you want to learn more here  – this is an overview to give you an idea. HIIT is classified as periods of short bouts of intense training (6 seconds – 90 seconds) followed by long rest intervals lasting 2-3 minutes. Rudy has a 1st class BSc in Exercise, Nutrition & Health and a Masters in Exercise & Nutrition Science from the University of Tampa. Journal of Sports Sciences, 35(11), 1073-1082. You can learn more about my unique Metabolic Resistance in the full blog post – in short, it is like circuit training combined with high intensity heavy weight training. Well, you get beneficial refeeds and carb loads, which can replace the typical cheat meals you would normally eat, and so not wreck your progress. It can also be used as a meal replacement once per day to enhance fat loss and results during your 90 Day transformation. Why? As shown above, fish oil is mainly a health supplement but also may also enhance your physique via several pathways. Another way to imagine it is the amount of calories per full plate of food. Vegan vs Vegetarian – Which One is Healthier? Artificial Sweeteners vs Sugar – Which is Better? Not anymore. Medicine and science in sports and exercise, 43(2), 249. Along with utilizing Metabolic Resistance Training, you can further accelerate your results during the 90 Day Transformation with these advanced variables: For years, steady state cardio reigned supreme when it came to weight loss and physique transformation. Utilizing these advanced scientific techniques discussed above will allow for both a fast but also safe and sustainable transformation, something I repeatedly emphasize during the world famous 90 Day Bikini plan. Stick to the plan and you WILL achieve drastic results, even if … 3.) Whey protein also has specific health compounds; it may help lower cholesterol and reduce elevated blood sugar levels (diabetes rick factor) and other related metabolic diseases.