RH's 19th C. Parisian Brass Telescope:Reproduced from a 19th-century original by a Parisian manufacturer of telescopes, microscopes and lenses, this telescope is a perfect blend of technology and historical design. A lot more pictures of the telescope's construction are shown on the 42 inch Dobsonian Construction Page. The Obsession 18" UC features the same quality craftsmanship and award winning design as found on our renown 20, 25, 30 and 36 inch telescopes. A collective of amateur astronomers called Group 70 attempted to build a 70-inch telescope in the mid-1990s, but they ran out of funding and … In this article there are 3 telescope categories, which will be referred by [orange] tags: [1] - Small and cheap (price range 50-150$). Fantastic deep sky and planetary images. More About Dobsonian Telescopes The Dobsonian is a simple, low-cost telescope design popularized by San Francisco amateur astronomer John Dobson in the 1970s. Another observatory in Chile with a 14-inch reflector and a 3.5-inch refractor provide access to the southern sky. It consists of a Newtonian tube assembly riding on a simple, wooden altazimuth base. Slooh’s main observatory is located on Mount Teide in Tenerife, its scopes ranging from a 3.3-inch refractor to a 20-inch reflector, as well as meteor cams and a dedicated solar scope. For example a 70-80mm Newtonian reflector or a 50-70mm refractor, usually with a relatively low quality. Some exchanges with Dr. Erhard Hänssgen Erhard Hänssgen's talks about the construction of his giant telescope Resting on the vintage-inspired tripod base is a powerful lens with 12x magnification and an antiqued finish that recalls the original. You can also find some more pictures of the 42 inch telescope at the following events: ITV 2003, 7th HTT and ATV 2007. [2] - Medium (price range 200-500$). A small step ladder is required when the scope is pointed near the zenith but most observing will be done with your feet on the ground. We've done our homework - the 18 is easy to set up and a joy to use.