50-inch: New Moon Big Guy. Here’s a video showing the installation of one of their 50-inch models: In summary, you can have more user-friendly and compact telescopes like the Meade LX200 or the Celestron CGX-L which you can keep in your home, or you can get much larger Dobsonian telescopes. These will give much-improved viewing and brighter, clearer images. It is also a computerized/GoTo compound/catadioptric telescope that means it could be used by a beginner. ... More than 3,000 owners in 50 countries will agree, ... 25, 30 and 36 inch telescopes. 0 bids. If you really want a huge specialist telescope, then do some good research into the size, portability and think about how you will use it. They also informed me that they once heard about a 73-inch aperture telescope being built in New Mexico but don’t know if it was ever finished! The general rule though is that the higher the aperture, the higher the cost of the telescope. Celestron are one of the most popular and reliable telescope manufacturers. Watch; Zhumell Z12 Deluxe Dobsonian Reflector Telescope 12" … Here’s a picture of a 28-inch Webster telescope: Next up is this 40-inch (1 meter) aperture telescope from Planewave. Given its size then, this is more one that you will have to ensure that you know how you will use it and when. This is not on a tripod but standing on the ground! A small step ladder is required when the scope is pointed near the zenith but most observing will be done with your feet on the ground. In the video below you can see the documented process of installing one of these telescopes in an observatory in Chile: We now get to the 50-inch “Big Guy” telescope from New Moon. If you want to read about the man-sized behemoths and think you have somewhere to store one, then read on! The LX200 could be picked up and used by near enough anyone with a bit of effort, the Lightbridge will only be able to be used by someone who already knows what they are doing. Below is a comparison table in order of aperture of the telescopes featured in this article. Note: a Dobsonian telescope is a Newtonian reflector telescope (invented by Newton, of course) but mounted in a very inexpensive way. The SkyWatcher is a computerized Dobsonian—many people find that automated telescopes are a real gamechanger! We spoke to Webster and they say that in recent years they have built 53-inch and 40-inch aperture telescopes for customers and that they can build anything up to 60-inches. Time left 1d 21h left. PROPRIETARY TENSION CONTROL HANDLES: These patented handles allow for accurate movement without the need for perfect balance. The Dobsonian design is considered revolutionary due to the sheer size of telescopes it made available to amateur astronomers. Brand New . This is a bit different as it is designed for use in an observatory and not for home use. $949.99. A word of note: none of the telescopes in this article are what any normal person would regard as “cheap”. Sky-Watcher Classic 250 Dobsonian 10-inch Aperature Telescope – Solid-Tube – Simple LARGE APERTURE: Get a bright, bold viewing experience at a fraction of the cost of other optical designs. There are some videos included below that you can watch to get a good idea of their size. Advanced telescopes from leading retail telescope manufacturers (Celestron, Meade Instruments etc.) These large Dobsonian telescopes start to get pretty massive in terms of height and bulk. acds . We hope that you found this research interesting. The Dobsonian Telescope book; Our Telescopes. optics . With this you sacrifice 4-inches of aperture compared to the 20-inch StarGate model, but you get something much smaller, lighter and easier to use. These can work well for casual viewing and will allow you to see the planets of the solar system, other objects in the night sky, and but deep-sky objects like galaxies and nebulae may remain faint and hard to see. Even bigger is this 32-inch aperture telescope from Webster. The 36-inch scope is actually built and photographed, with delivery scheduled for this summer, although the 40- and 50-inch scopes still exist only as drawings. pictures. You can see examples of these in the list below. Find the best Dobsonian telescope for sale online at High Point Scientific, We offer a wide selection of Dobsonian telescopes kits and Dobsonian Reflectors for you to select from. These large Dobsonian telescopes start to get pretty massive in terms of height and bulk. Buy It Now +$143.82 shipping. This discount versus the Meade and Celestron model above is effectively the trade-off for the size difference and lack of GoTo functionality. The Dobsonian's effect on amateur astronomy. These are custom-built for buyers and will set you back in the region of $19,995. In contrast, the telescopes above are more compatible for grab-and-go use in your backyard or from a balcony or other viewing point). They tend to be powerful but smaller in size. All utilize the best optics available anywhere at any price. (see more explanation about this here – https://skiesandscopes.com/beginners-telescope/). f.a.q. For the sake of simplicity, we stick to aperture as the best measure of power in this article. 0 bids. Beginner’s telescopes might have apertures of between 2 and 8 inches (60 – 200 mm). 3 product ratings - Sky Watcher S11610 Classic 200 Dobsonian 8 Inch Aperature Telescope Base Only. The most powerful Orion telescope is this 16-inch aperture SkyQuest model.