Cut the potatoes in half or in quarters if you want them to cook quickly. However, the keto diet usually leads to a much bigger short-term weight loss because of less water retention. I woke up feeling great and not hungry at all. I actually felt quite good. DAY ONE I bought 13 pounds of potatoes for the diet, consisting of a mix of organic red, yellow and russet potatoes. Your email address will not be published. Read more here. Full of nutrients. You will not develop conscious eating habits. I was inspired by Rusty to try it out the diet myself. Required fields are marked *, I hereby agree to my personal data being stored and handled by the website owner according to the website Privacy Policy *, Copyright 2017-2020. This time it was not only about eating until I felt full, I literally had absolutely no desire to eat any more potatoes. Here is what you should keep in mind if you decide to give the potato diet a go: Rule 1. Strange, but all in all not bad. The Spud Fit Challenge by Andrew Tyler, for example, allows eating any kind of potatoes, including sweet ones. In theory, eating potatoes only could result in weight loss, since potato is a vegetable low in calories…as long as it’s not deep-fried! Plus, it would look kind of odd . If you follow the rules, you will supposedly lose 1.35-2.25 kg in 3-5 days. However, when practicing a protein-free diet like the potato hack, you should be ready to lose some muscle. As the name itself says, the potato diet contains potatoes as the main ingredients. It helps lose nearly 1 lb a day (0.45 kg)! Also, you will have to resist the temptation of buying other products only once. You can expect to lose around 1/2 to 1 pound of fat per DAY over 3 to 5 days. The weird experience of craving taste did intensify, but still nowhere near as bad as feeling hunger. If you are planning on going on the potato diet for a longer period, be prepared to lose muscle mass. If you are going to diet for 3-5 days, you will need 15-25 pounds for the entire time. If you are interested in general tips on how to make weight loss easier, you can check out this article. Short-term potato dieting has almost no side effects. While I was not hungry at all, I did start to feel a weird craving in the late evening. Actually boiled potatoes are ranked number 1 as the most filling food. Following a new diet plan can definitely be expensive. Second day: Rule 2. I usually eat 1-2 RX bars every day. But, I was a little bit disappointed since I had hoped for more.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'strengthery_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_3',112,'0','0'])); It only accounts for about 500+ calories below my maintenance and that is really not “that fast”. I am by no means trying to bash the keto diet or low-carb diet, I just think they are getting a disproportional amount of attention and I want you to understand that a high-carb diet is just as viable for losing weight. The potato hack is a short-term 3 to 5 day diet where you eat nothing but potatoes. 1.2.1 Three days Plan; 1.3 Potato Diet Plan # 3. The thing is that when you limit the low protein and calories from this diet to a few days the potential muscle loss is reduced significantly compared to for example a 30-day potato diet. Nowadays there are so many variations of it out there – people have tried the potato diet for one week, a month and even a year! The long-term potato diet can cause nutritional complications. The only thing you have to decide is -baked, mashed, or boiled? I didn’t experience any crazy hunger or drop in energy levels. This will gradually make losing weight more difficult. A good source could be legumes and whole grains. Understanding your eating habits. Some diet plans may have ingredients that are not in season, therefore, are more expensive. Both the ketogenic- and low-carb diets are very popular in the weight loss and fitness space today. During the potato diet, you should eat plain potatoes for 3-5 days and the daily limit is 5 pounds. Other variations of this diet allow eating red, russet, gold, and other kinds of potatoes. Boiling potatoes does not sound difficult. Step 3. Rapid weight loss and regain. I think it is fine to add a bit of spice or seasoning but don’t go crazy. On day one I ate two meals consisting of a total of 1.65 kg boiled potato. Plan the menu and make your meals in the morning and take your lunch and snacks with you whenever you are leaving the house. We’re talking about ideally 12 hours in the fridge.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'strengthery_com-banner-1','ezslot_7',109,'0','0'])); The resistant starch does some incredible things for your gut health, fills you up even more quickly and potentially regulates insulin and blood sugar. One thing to note is that no scientific studies are backing up the potato diet. Another trick of making this diet work is basically eating the potatoes as boring as possible.eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'strengthery_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_1',110,'0','0'])); It is fine to reheat the potatoes after they cooled down for a long time, but I ate all my potatoes cold directly from the fridge to maximize the boringness. You will consume minor calories but thanks to the potato you will feel full and satisfied while you are on this diet. I hope reading my experience piqued your interest, but I completely understand if you feel eating only potatoes is too extreme. First day: Breakfast: 1 boiled potato without salt, 1 cup of yogurt. Here are some recipes we have researched for you to try while planning your potato diet. The slightly chemical taste of mint and lemon was like a “culinary experience”. However, you might feel a different craving for taste. Long-term mono-dieting, on the other hand, may have more serious consequences as mentioned above. Bake for 15-20 minutes and salt the fries only when they are done. The potato diet is very versatile. It doesn’t have vitamin B12 which has a lot of health benefits. So, if you want major weight changes with the potato diet, take this into consideration. Learn more here. What I want to say instead is that research shows that a high-fat / ketogenic diet is not better than a high-carb diet. It is as if fat loss and cutting carbs have become synonymous with each other. It’s not uncommon to drop 10-15 pounds of body fat in … Repeat this 3 to 5 day hack each week until you reach your target weight. Besides not adding a lot of spices, sauces or other condiments you could even opt for eating only cold meals. There are of course some unique benefits to the keto diet, but I am not going to mention that here in order to spare you. Most people eventually regain the pounds they have lost. Kevin Smith, an American filmmaker, practiced the potato diet for a year and lost 50 kg. It’s cheap. Any mono-food diet comes with such a problem. and how much weight you want to lose. You can get his book on Amazon but you can also check his blog But there are some important lessons to learn from this diet and why it works that you can implement in a less extreme diet.