The left hand parts are quite complete, but the right hand parts are a little thin, leaving out slides, crushed notes and tremelos. The secret to playing piano blues with only 3 chords. Here is the basic left hand rhythm which we used in the tutorial ‘How to play piano blues, part one and part two‘: We are now going to progress onto a slightly harder left hand, which uses the same notes as above, but with a different rhythm. How To: Play the 12 bar blues on the piano in both major and minor tonalities ; How To: Play boogie woogie and 12 bar blues on the piano ; How To: Play blues bass lines and endings on the piano ; How To: Play the C minor blues scale on the piano ; How To: Play blues piano riffs with the right hand Most jazz standards are 32 bars long and so the blues form is less that a third of the length of a typical jazz standard. Now that you’re familiar with the 12 bar blues progression, let’s take a look at the notes we are going to play – And here’s how it sounds – 12 bar blues chords for piano. As long as the tune is a 12 bar blues, you can easily learn it if you understand the form. You’ll also learn a little about blues theory here today. You have just learned the basic 12 bar blues form. In the basic F Blues, the 12 bars are only made up of 3 different chords: F7, Bb7 and C7. How To Go Further With 12 Bar Blues Piano. ... You may wish to concentrate on the right hand improvisation before playing both hands. Every 12 bar blues tune is written this way. The notes you will be playing are F-F#-A-B-D. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Delta blues tune, Texas blues, or jazz blues. However, the backing tracks on the CD are outstanding. Piano Piano lessons Improvising a 12-Bar Blues Melody on the Piano with the Pentatonic Scale - . Let’s dive right in by starting with a simple, left-hand riff to introduce the song. The 12 Bar Blues in F. It’s called the 12 bar blues because it’s only 12 bars long. The Riff. How to play an amazing left hand like Fats Domino. Learning how to play the blues on the piano will build your hand coordination and a good sense of rhythm. Improvising a 12-Bar Blues Melody on the Piano with the Pentatonic Scale - .