The picture shows the typical Dobsonian design with a Newtonian optical tube on a base that swivels left and right like a lazy Susan that you might have on your dinner table. This oustanding innovation allows the user to keep their scope assembled into two major sections, which allows for quicker assembly in the field as compared with other similar Truss-Dobsonian designs. The solid tube that connects them is replaced by a set of poles or trusses. . You could have the Dob in a robotic observatory in Montana and operate it over the internet from New York. Once you have your target in the eyepiece, you track it by moving the optical tube as the Earth rotates. Many people start with these scopes. For many, this will be their life long scope. The Orion StarBlast 6i will show you where those jewels are and provide 6 inchs/150 mm of aperture to help you see more than the smaller tabletop designs. The scope consists of three main components. Also available as the XT10G and XT12G. The altazimuth base that the mirror tub rides in is crafted of strong, lightweight, and water-resistant laminated particle board. This Meade LightBridge 10" deluxe Dobsonian gives you big aperture in a package that quickly breaks down into a few easily assembled components that can fit into any compact car. Having made my own 6", this is great scope, if you don't mind tracking by hand. The open frame of the mirror cell allows the mirror to cool down to ambient temperatures quickly, so you can start high magnification observing sooner. Aperture is the measure of the light gathering ability of the telescope. The Orion SkyQuest XT8 Intelliscope or XT8i includes a factory intergraded Intelliscope PushTo system. All you need is a neutral density eyepiece filter to cut down the immense brightness of solar system objects seen through this "light bucket.". The starlight comes into the top of the Newtonian optical tube, is reflected by the curved primary mirror on the bottom and angled into the secondary mirror near the top entry point. At 21 pounds, this is a serious scope for the more committed hobbyist who wants a tabletop design. Of the three, the Newtonian reflector is the most cost-effective as measured in aperture per dollar, especially once we get larger than 102 mm or 4 inches in aperture. Messier, NGC, and IC objects show detail and structure never visible in smaller telescopes. It includes a red dot finder and two eyepieces. The computer guides you but you push the optical tube to find the target. This link takes you to a kit that includes two eyepieces. Normally you would be sitting at your GoTo Dob, but many GoTo Dobs can be controlled by a separate computer and operated remotely. Add To Cart. It has a very good reputation and would make a great first, family scope, or travel scope for anyone. Featuring one of the quickest set up and takedown rates on the marke, this telescope, form Mead Instruments, can be transported anywhere. Meade - 10" LightBridge Plus Truss-Tube Dobsonian Deluxe Telescope - 204010. Over the years commercial developers have taken advantage of the Dobsonian design to produce quality, cost-effective telescopes making the Dob one of the most popular designs on the market for beginners and experienced observers alike. Quick view. It gives very rich and expansive deep space views of star clouds, galaxies, and nebulas. There are small ones for beginners and monsters for those who want to capture as much light as possible. If this is your first scope I recommend the XT8 kit. The 10 inch is about 1.2 meters in length and fits across the back seat of a relatively small car, I used to transport mine in a 1989 Nissan Sentra, a small compact car. While they are not available with factory-integrated PushTo or GoTo systems there are aftermarket PushTo systems that are made to fit these scopes. These typically run in the 3”/76 mm range targeted at children and beginners to about 6-inch designs that grab a lot of light for viewing of deep-sky objects. It weighs only 30 pounds, including the mirror. This 10" Meade deluxe LightBridge truss-tube Dob is a typical Dobsonian value - giving you more light-gathering capacity for your observing dollar than any other telescope type. … The diagonal is polished to diffraction-limited accuracy, aluminized, and overcoated with magnesium fluoride. Most come with a range of accessories that will help the first time buyer get off to a good start. Keep in mind that if you haven't used a telescope before this may be a bit tricky with finding objects. It is also available at the XT10i and XT12i for more aperture. $3,400.00. Under dark skies, the Orion Nebula becomes a glowing and subtle complex of filaments, and color starts to become visible. First is the six pound aluminum upper cage containing the diagonal mirror, focuser, and multiple reticle red dot finder. I have a quote to make them better than new for about $120 including the shipping to the astronomical lab for restoration. There are also an XT10 series and an XT12 Intelliscope in the sold tube design. The Zhumel Z series consists of the Z8, Z10, and Z12 sporting 8”, 10” and 12” of aperture respectively. 1 Review(s) SKU: MEA-204010. The flat secondary mirror then turns it 45 degrees, out the side of the tube to the focuser and the eyepiece. A 12-inch solid tube is a water heater that is both larger and heavier than my 10-inch solid tube. The performance of the BK7 optical glass parabolic primary mirror of the 10" Meade LightBridge is guaranteed to be diffraction limited - for sharp high contrast images of nebulas, galaxies, and star clusters. An 8-inch aperture Dobsonian, an extremely popular size, typically has an optical tube that is 4 feet long weighing about 25 pounds. Standard on all Truss-Dobsonians 12.0" and larger. Orion - SkyQuest XT12i IntelliScope Dobsonian Telescope. After you set up, take a few moments to collimate the optics (no tools are required here either) and you're ready for an evening of fascinating viewing at your favorite dark sky location. The mirror is overcoated with magnesium fluoride for high reflectivity. It includes a finder, two eyepieces, and an eyepiece rack. With a PushTo Dob, you put the target into the handset computer and it will show you which way to turn the scope, left and right as well as up and down. A low cost means more of the price can be put into the aperture of the optical tube, A very stable mount which overcomes the shaky tripods frequently found in low-cost telescopes, A simple to understand altitude/azimuth design that anyone can use, Floor standing solid tube designs from 6” to 12”. These truss designs are very popular and are available in a 10”, 12” and 16” for those who want big aperture in a very compact, nicely designed package. I don’t recommend this one for adults who are serious about getting into the hobby. Set-up time is only about 10-15 minutes. $699.00. Details on planets and deep sky objects will be visible even for inexperienced observers. The Dobsonian telescope is known among amateur astronomers as the best way to get maximum aperture for your money hands down. Despite its large mirror, the 10" Meade LightBridge is easy to get to your favorite dark sky site, whether that's in your back yard or many miles distant. If you want some serious aperture and help to find your targets in a tabletop design, this is the one for you. The Orion SkyQuest XT8 comes in three models, all of which are recommended. With an apparent field of 70°, it has an actual field of view that's a very wide 1.43° across, nearly three times as wide as the full Moon.