In the literature of mathematics, the exact value for anything is defined with its limit. Science Advisor. Did you like the article? Search. By kevinhaonbae | Updated: Sept. 20, 2018, 12:57 p.m. Loading... Slideshow Movie. Substitute in the inverse of the inverse. The limit from the left hand side must be equal to the limit from the right hand side. What's -1 to the power of infinity? So, let us try proving what infinity to the negative one power (∞ ^ -1) equals. No 1^infinity is not equal to 1. Zero to the Power of Infinity. I like to spend my time reading, gardening, running, learning languages and exploring new places. Comments. Unfortunately, this is an indeterminate form, which means a limit can’t be figured out only by looking at the limits of functions on their own so, in other words, you’ll have to do some extra work to really find your answer. Obviously, more investigation is necessary. It's basically the exponential equivalent of dividing by 0 (taking something to the 1/infinitieth power): someone said: For all positive x in ℝ, [itex]\lim\limits_{n\to\infty} x^\frac{1}{n} = 1[/itex]. The denominator becomes the exponent and the exponent is… However, it looks like from the negative data set (from the table on the left) that zero to the negative one power (0 ^ -1) approaches negative infinity. $\begingroup$ i am assuming from your answer that if a>1 then limit x--> + infinity or - infinity of a to the power x is = 0 $\endgroup$ – Zia ur Rahman Oct 5 '11 at 13:07 2 $\begingroup$ @Zia: No. Education. Add and subtract 1 Reduce the last addens to a common denominator. Sign up for free. _abc cc embed * Powtoon is not liable for any 3rd party content used. I am passionate about travelling and currently live and work in Paris. One to the Power of Infinity. 1 to the power of infinity, why is it indeterminate? Feb 25, 2019 #17 jbriggs444. The limits must be continuous as well. One to the Power of Infinity It is solved by transforming the expression into a power of the number e. 1st method. Why is 1 to the Power Infinity indeterminate? It is an indeterminate value like 0/0 infinity / infinity. SHARE THE AWESOMENESS. Do you need to find a Maths tutor? It is the responsibility of each user to comply with 3rd party copyright laws. Infinity to the Power of Infinity. 4.21/5 - 34 vote(s) Loading... Emma. See, some of these problems will give you a limit of 1 to infinity.